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    Sensual Femdom - Dancing

    Clip Description

    Jamie and eve are waiting men who have to bring them to a christmas party where they will dance. While two elegant ladies are talking about the night, jamie discovers there is only one man who will bring them to the party. He is the jamie's husband and eve's lover. Jamie is very angry with her friend, so eve keeps her quiet handgagging her with long black leather gloves. Jamie is still furious and she escapes from her gloved handgagger. Eve ties and gags her. She ****** jamie to smell her stinky feet covered with a pair of white stocking. She loves smother games too, so she puts a plastic bag over jamie's head. The man will bring eve to the party and leave jamie tied and gagged. Eve cover her mouth with both gloved hands.

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
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    Sensual Femdom - Dancing

    Sensual Femdom - Dancing

    Sensual Femdom - Dancing

    Sensual Femdom - Dancing

    Sensual Femdom - Dancing

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    Cherie The Robber - Cherie deville is a jamie daniels' employee. She has a little divergence with her employer, because jamie doesn't give her a conspicuous salary. One day, she notices jamie leaving her bag on the table. She thinks that is the right moment to act. With a pair of black leather gloves on, she moves slowly toward the bag and tries to steal money. It hasn't been a good idea. Jamie discovers and orders her to go away. Cherie is still angry with her, so she catches jamie and uses her leather gloved hands to handgag her employer. Now jamie can't say a word with gloved hand over mouth. Cherie is glad to enjoy with this domination method, so she continues to handgag jamie, forcing her to smell the leather palm. Cherie remembers with leather gloves on she doesn't leave fingerprint anywhere, so she decides to finish jamie.
female robber can steal money in the bag and goes away.

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