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    Xiaoyu Holding Breath in Vacuum Bag Till Blackout
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    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Holding Breath in Vacuum Bag Till Blackout

    Clip Description

    This is a custom video ordered by SW (Twitter: @brplay_rubber). It was quite a challenge for Xiaoyu-senpai and I think it is the best video of Xiaoyu so far.
    Xiaoyu was blindfolded by black tape and wearing a black zentai in this video (with the help from Xiaomeng!). She went inside a vacuum bag and I sucked out air from the bag using a small pump. Take it easy, this was just a warming-up.
    Then came the real games designed by SW. First of all, she had to wear another latex hood with micro holes on top of her zentai hood. Second, we used a big vacuum cleaner to suck the air out. With its strong power and the breathability of the zentai fabric, the air can be drawn out nearly completely. Xiaoyu was asked to hold her breath inside the vacuum bag for a certain duration, and if she exhales too early, I will punish her by sucking out the air she just exhaled and leaving her inside the bag for a prolonged time.
    There were five rounds of games, and the targets for the breath holding were set to 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 seconds, respectively. You may think that they are not that long with air in lungs, but when her body was fully compressed with a very strong negative pressure, it was in fact quite difficult for Xiaoyu to achieve the last two or three targets.
    Anyway, although there occurred an extra round of punishment due to some reason, Xiaoyu succeeded the first four rounds by not exhaling before the alarm clock went off. I decided to cheat her in the last round: I didn’t set up an alarm for 90 seconds (or any duration), which means she will definitely “fail”. The air was sucked out completely and you don’t even see any air pocket around her chin-neck area. Xiaoyu did a very great job. Although she got a lot of diaphragm convulsions, she managed to hold her breath over 96 seconds before she had to exhale. She started to panic immediately because she thought that she failed the challenge. As a response, I switched on the vacuum cleaner again…
    Her solo was impressive. She had very little air left, maybe only 1/4 of the original, which was already stale. Even though she needed to rebreathe this little amount of air, she must inhale with great force to counteract the strong negative pressure, which exhausted her quicker. After a while her screaming and struggling became weaker and weaker, and finally only slight twitches remained. She blacked out.
    I opened the bag and exposed her to fresh air, and also removed the hoods on her head in a minute. Her breath came back first in a steady rhythm, and her consciousness returned much later.
    Xiaoyu fully recovered after a short period of time. When she recalled her sensation during the last round, she said that it was extremely painful in such a tight vacuum bag with nearly no air to rebreathe, and she even wished to faint early to find relief. However, upon regaining consciousness, she felt quite remarkable and incredibly comfortable.
    Please note that the last round was shown in multiple camera angles in the video. The single view from the fixed main camera is also attached at the end of the video as a bonus.

    Clip Duration:      34 minutes
    Format Size
    mp42553.27 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Holding Breath in Vacuum Bag Till Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Holding Breath in Vacuum Bag Till Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Holding Breath in Vacuum Bag Till Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Holding Breath in Vacuum Bag Till Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Holding Breath in Vacuum Bag Till Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Holding Breath in Vacuum Bag Till Blackout

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    Xiaoyu Triple Challenges Blackout - This is a custom video from Xiaoyu. There are three challenges for her.
Challenge 1: Breath holding underwater.
Xiaoyu will put her head underwater as long as possible. To increase the difficulty, her hands are bound behind her back, and she is wearing a ball gag. The gag will make her hard to keep water out of her mouth when her head is underwater, and will also make her hard to catch her breath when her head is above water.
Every full minute of breath holding will decrease the waiting time of the final challenge by 10 seconds. She can try multiple times, but only the last attempt will be counted (not the best attempt).
Challenge 2: Crawling under dog bondage with a big-pocket breathplay hood.
The hood has no breathing holes. She will crawl in the hotel room, and every lap will reduce the waiting time of the final challenge by 5 second. Again, retries are allowed, but only the last one will be counted.
Final challenge: The famous escape game.
Xiaoyu will be tied to a chair with the same breathplay hood on her head. A collar with a padlock is then put around her neck to lock the hood. She has to wait 3 minutes minus the award time gained in the first two challenges, before she is allowed to struggle, free her hands, and unlock herself.
I don’t have to say anything about how the challenges went actually. Watch them yourself, they are extraordinary! Especially for the final challenge, she made two attempts, neither of which went close to her own expectation. It went towards a dramatic ending with a real blackout again!

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