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    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

    Clip Description

    This is Xiaoyu’s custom video again. Thanks to the customer, and special thanks to COCOA SOFT ( for authorizing us to reuse their clip in our video.

    Wait, Xiaoyu-senpai looks different this time. She has white eyes and light purple uniform. She is cosplaying Hinata Hyuga from Naruto! It is weird to see Hinata and breathplay combined together, isn’t it :)

    Hinata will go through three bagging games in this video. The first game is simply bagging for a certain duration. The base time is 3 minutes, and Hinata will try to throw three ping-pong balls into a basket. Each ball entering the basket will reduce the time by 30 seconds, and each ball missing the target will increase the time by 30 seconds. The game has been played for three times.

    In the second game, Hinata will be watching “Human vacuum pack 07 uniform Editing” produced by COCOA SOFT while being bagged. Precisely, Hinata will be bagged once all the air inside the vacuum bag is pumped out in the video, and her bag will be taken off when the model in the video becomes unconscious completely. This looks like a competition, right? But I believe it won’t be too difficult to Hinata, since she has much more air to rebreathe than the poor model in the human vacuum video.

    In the last game, Hinata will be bagged again, and in order to be released she must count from 1 to 100. It is interesting to listen to the changes of her voice, from calm and steady, to gasping and shaky.

    Oh, by the way, the cited video “Human vacuum pack 07 uniform Editing” is classic! If you like this one, you will like their other videos too, and please support COCOA SOFT by purchasing those videos!

    Clip Duration:      21 minutes
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    mp41485.77 MB

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    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata
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