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    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

    Clip Description

    Xiaoyu-senpai has contributed another awesome custom video!

    I don’t have to say much about it. She was doing anaerobic exercises again with sealed plastic bags over her head. Squat kicks, tuck jumps, burpees, and jump squats, these are quite intense exercises. Several targets were set, and she must meet the targets before the bags can be torn open.

    However, if you watch the video carefully and count how many times she repeated the moves, you will find how she cheated… Well, she told me afterwards that she was not cheating but simply did not have a clear mind to count due to lack of oxygen… but anyway, I decided to punish her, by not releasing her after the last jump squat, and watching her struggling on the floor helplessly until blackout with purple lips. This time her blackout behavior was quite different from the past, probably because it was after intense exercises.

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41456.48 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

    Breathplay Xiaomeng - Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout
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    Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Breathplay - Xiaomeng became a latex pet again. Wait, this time it is a bit different. First of all, she was not wearing the dog bondage set. Instead, she was wearing a fully closed latex dog suit with short limbs, forcing her to fold her arms and legs inside. Furthermore, she was not a human dog, but rather a kitty, because she was wearing also the full-head furry kitty mask!

We started with fan games like crawling around, spanking and also a vibrated orgasm. These are good exercises, and Xiaomeng was a bit short of breath already. No worries, let me remove her mask so that she can breathe better. Oh, under the kitty mask there is a latex hood which is part of the latex dog suit, with only mouth and nostril openings. So she can’t see anything from the very beginning!

Now let’s increase the level of games. First let her recall the nightmare of the 0.1 mm pinhole hood. This is still a difficult task for her, but she managed to cheat a little bit with her hands inside the dog suit. That’s not allowed, so I closed the hood better around her neck by a collar, and she cannot escape anymore.

After we had enough with the pinhole hood, I took it off and put a tube gag in her mouth, and played her mouth with a dildo. Well, for her this part is a relaxation, compared to the part with the pinhole hood, isn’t it?

At the end, I put on her a breathplay hood with a small breathing hole, and asked her to stand on all four limbs and stay as long as possible. Even though breathing inside this hood is easier than inside the pinhole hood, time is still her big enemy. After several minutes without being released, she eventually broke down and started crying uncontrollably…

Well done, Xiaomeng!

    Xiaomeng Breathing Through Latex Pinholes - This video is inspired by SW (Twitter/X: @brplay_rubber).

I bought Xiaomeng a full-body red latex suit. The suit has a hood with mouth opening connected. This can prevent any potential air leakage around her neck. After she was fully dressed, the breathplay started.

In the first uncut scene, I put a red ball gag into her mouth, and sealed the entire mouth opening of the latex hood with film dressing pieces. This is so sexy. You can see through the transparent membrane, but no air can go through. The only tiny air path was along the slit formed between the film dressing and the ball gag belt. Her moans and screams never stopped. She also drooled a lot, and the water came out at once when the film dressing was removed.

In the second uncut scene, I put a separate red latex hood over the one from her latex suit. This is quite an exciting new item, because it has only ten insanely tiny pinholes for breathing, of which each has a size of only 0.1 mm. What can Xiaomeng do other than breathing harder and harder? The oxygen she consumed for inhaling air was even more than the amount she can inhale. Oxygen debt was built up and her situation was not sustainable. She had even no power to cry when the hood was finally removed.

In the next scenes, the games were repeated when Xiaomeng was locked on an X-cross. First with the ball gag and film dressing, and in addition a magic wand against her lower body, I think Xiaomeng enjoyed quite a good sexual stimulation while suffering the pains in her lungs. 

And finally, the pinhole hood was used again. Xiaomeng was already fully exhausted, and when her oxygen debt reached a certain level, she seemed to give up and let it go. She said afterwards that at that point she felt so dizzy and tired that she didn’t want to move, struggle, or even breathe anymore. What a bizarre status!

    Xiaoyu in Vacuum Bag with Empty Lungs and Blackout - It is the long-awaited vacuum-bag theme this time, and Xiaoyu-senpai contributed her many firsts: the first puppy posture, the first sitting posture, the first empty lungs, and the first hypoxic convulsion and blackout in vacuum bags… It was really breathtaking!
Xiaoyu wore a bell collar and lay on her elbows and knees in the vacuum bag. After pumping, a cute “vacuum puppy” appeared. This “Puppy-Xiaoyu” can’t move or bark but can only make a whimper to protest her situation. Of course, we can’t just play such an interesting scenario only once. In the second time, I pushed Puppy-Xiaoyu to the ground, and she, who had no ability to resist, could only lie on the ground on her side in a fixed posture and continued to whimper and gasp.
After having fun with Puppy-Xiaoyu, I asked Xiaoyu to warm up herself for later games in the conventional supine posture with folded legs inside the vacuum bag. Accompanied by her sound of hard breathing against the plastic, her time soon exceeded two and a half minutes. At that time, Xiaoyu was still able to make high-quality kip-up moves during struggling. She is really a fitness master! After that, Xiaoyu tried a sitting posture for the first time. We found soon that it is more difficult to pump residual air out of the bag in this case. After being pumped three times in a row, Xiaoyu still broke the 4-minute mark easily, although her every exhalation was accompanied by a moan. In order to clear the residual air as much as possible, Xiaoyu changed back to the supine position in the rest of her attempts. Although the duration of the next attempt was not very impressive, she regained her ability in the one after. Not only did she endure for more than 4 minutes again, but she also could still make several high-quality kip-up moves even when her respiratory muscle is twitching so that she can’t breathe smoothly. She really deserves the name of “senpai”.
Next comes the highlight. Xiaoyu-senpai promised to try a complete vacuum, that is, not only there is no residual air in the bag, but even the air in her lungs will be extracted. I asked her to keep breathing and relax instead of holding her breath when the vacuum cleaner was on. Soon she got the achievement of empty-lung vacuum bag successfully. However, Xiaoyu, who lost her air completely, fell into a silent explosive state: on one hand, her whole body was struggling explosively, and on the other hand, her mouth was open wide but with no voice at all after only a brief “Ah” sound. About 20 seconds later I had to open the bag, and she let out a loud late-coming scream after she can finally fill her burning lungs with air again. Xiaoyu told me afterwards that her time should not be so short, but the super-tight empty-lung vacuum bag brought down both her physical and psychological tolerance. Especially when she found that she could not speak any words at all thus she couldn’t even ask for help orally, the sense of despair overwhelmed her mind and made her unable to hold her breath calmly anymore. It seems that even for Xiaoyu-senpai, empty-lung vacuum bag is quite a difficult challenge.
Frustrated Xiaoyu-senpai thought that she had to take smaller steps first, so she planned to have another half-lung vacuum bag practice before the end of the shooting. However, an accident happened: Because she was already severely exhausted both physically and mentally, hypoxic convulsion and blackout occurred at about 1 minute and 40 seconds. It was her hands shaking first, followed by her whole body gradually. The practice was stopped immediately. I opened the bag quickly and had to slap and pinch her face several times to get her consciousness back and restore her to a relatively normal breathing rhythm. More haste, less speed. We should not move too fast in vacuum-bag practices…
Please continue to support Xiaoyu-senpai for her hard performance!

    Xiaomeng in New Black Latex Suit and Pinhole Hood - Recently, we have invested quite a lot on new outfits and toys, and Xiaomeng has been trying and testing them. In this video you can see again the X-cross, but also a new black latex suit with separate upper body and thigh-high stockings.

At first, she was wearing a condom hood and locked on the X-cross. I pressed her private parts with a vibrator, and pinched her only air path, the nostril openings in the hood, from time to time. A nice warming-up, isn’t it?

Then I wanted more restrictions on her air supply, so I wrapped cling film over the hood. She quickly ran out of air and started to scream and wiggle.

OK, that was too tight, and I wanted her to stay longer, so I replaced the condom hood with a micro-perforated hood inside and a breathplay hood with a breathing hole outside. She can get slightly more air with this combination, only if she keeps calm and doesn’t breathe too hard. Well, this is not that easy, as I started to attack her with the vibrator again.

After she was unlocked from the X-cross, she played with a pinhole hood again. This time the hood has a black color, but the type is the same as the red one: there are only 10 pinholes with 0.1 mm sizes for breathing. Air doesn’t pass through those pinholes easily, and it is clearly visible that the hood expanded like a balloon when she was breathing out, and was sucked deep into her mouth when she was breathing in.

Do you want to know Xiaomeng’s comment on the black and red pinhole hoods? “Nightmare!” She said.

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