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    Vacum bagging
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    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Vacum bagging

    Clip Description

    in this video angela goes in a vacuum bag. This is the first time she has experienced this. the bag is completely sucked twice until it is a tight package.

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
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    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Vacum bagging

    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Vacum bagging

    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Vacum bagging

    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Vacum bagging

    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Vacum bagging

    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Vacum bagging

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    Vaccumbed breathplay playfull - Angela is already in the vacuum bed. I start with a shorter breathplay action. now comes the long breathpay session. When this starts I spray my load over her chest and leave her nice and long, she struggles with all her strength against the latex to get out without success

    Breathplay on bed - Angela gets a heavy breathplay game. I start by tying her upper legs to her lower legs. Then I tape her hands that she can no longer use it. After that I tape a sturdy pastic bag over her head in which she comes into total breathlessness, almost 5 minutes later I let her breathe again.

    breathplay in the Vaccumbed - Angela is getting in the vaccumbed, ready for the ride.
Breathplay is the name of the game. for the 1st time she has some panic for the vaccumbed.

    Spreadingbar breathplay - Angela is on the bed where I put her legs in a spreading bar. Her hands are attached to the spreading bar with cuffs and locks, when I tie the plastic bag around her head she has to free herself and look for which key fits without seeing anything. the 1st time she just made it but the 2nd time it doesn't work, look and see her fear.

    breathplay bound spread on bed - Angela is tied to the bed spread out. She gets her breath closed 3 times, the first 2 are test with a piece of latex. The 3rd time will be a surprise for her. she panics and tries to break free with all her strength. 7 minutes and 20 seconds later she passes out. This is the very first time she has experienced this. This video was (filmed from the right side)

    Standing breathplay hood - Angela is in the room. I put a gagball in her mouth and tape it in place. She is wearing a belt boby and arm ties. Now she bends over and I strap a dildo into her pussy. I unlead her breasts and clamp nipple clamps on her nipples. I put on a breathplay mask with a band around her that I attach to the ceiling. Now she can enjoy the breathing game, I close the hole in the mask a few times. after which I also tape the hole closed, she is having a hard time.

    Schort vacuumbed breathplay - Angela is already in her vacuum bed with a bag ziptied over her head. She panics more and more and she fights to get free at the end but without success

    Standing breathplay - This is a long and heavy breathplay video. she is already in a body harness. First I start with the bondage tie legs spread, I make her hands useless and her neck on the ceiling. Her breasts are tied tightly by rope with nipple clamps. Now we start the breathplay games with panic in all 3 times. last time goes further than she wants to, she hits the air in total panic. This session goes so far that she needs to recover.

    Triple vacuumbedbreathplay - Angela takes this video into the vacuum bed. She finds the vacuum bed very scary, especially if she goes in without her head through the opening. She will therefore be in a state of panic.

    Clip 30 - Angela gets a mummy tape bondage with breathplay today. fairly long video and it was very exciting for her. this was her first time complicated with tape.

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