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    Schort vacuumbed breathplay
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    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Schort vacuumbed breathplay

    Clip Description

    Angela is already in her vacuum bed with a bag ziptied over her head. She panics more and more and she fights to get free at the end but without success

    Clip Duration:      3 minutes
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    mp4372.7 MB

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    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Schort vacuumbed breathplay

    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Schort vacuumbed breathplay

    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Schort vacuumbed breathplay

    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Schort vacuumbed breathplay

    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Schort vacuumbed breathplay

    Breathplay Satisfied Bondage - Schort vacuumbed breathplay

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    Vacum bagging - in this video angela goes in a vacuum bag. This is the first time she has experienced this. the bag is completely sucked twice until it is a tight package.

    Clip 30 - Angela gets a mummy tape bondage with breathplay today. fairly long video and it was very exciting for her. this was her first time complicated with tape.

    Breathplay in hogtie - Angela gets a hogtie, After the hogtie I tie a plastic bag over her head. Now her clothes are taking off wonderfully that naked body of hers, after 4 minutes in the plastic bag it becomes heavy for her ...

    Triple vacuumbedbreathplay - Angela takes this video into the vacuum bed. She finds the vacuum bed very scary, especially if she goes in without her head through the opening. She will therefore be in a state of panic.

    Vaccumbed breathplay playfull - Angela is already in the vacuum bed. I start with a shorter breathplay action. now comes the long breathpay session. When this starts I spray my load over her chest and leave her nice and long, she struggles with all her strength against the latex to get out without success

    Body harness tape breathplay - Angela is there for me. First she gets on a body harness, Then I tie her hands behind the back to the harness. I put her on the chair. Now it is time to tie her breasts very tight with elastic bands that are mega tight. Continue to tie her elbows and ankles to the chair. I wrap her head with foil, after a while I start to put insulation tape over her mouth. now I cut the foil off and put a clamp on her nose, and can't get in any more air. Towards the end of the video I bite her nipples, hear her scream because they are so much more sensitive now.

    breathplay bound spread on bed - Angela is tied to the bed spread out. She gets her breath closed 3 times, the first 2 are test with a piece of latex. The 3rd time will be a surprise for her. she panics and tries to break free with all her strength. 7 minutes and 20 seconds later she passes out. This is the very first time she has experienced this. This video was (filmed from the right side)

    breathplay in the Vaccumbed - Angela is getting in the vaccumbed, ready for the ride.
Breathplay is the name of the game. for the 1st time she has some panic for the vaccumbed.

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