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Under Water


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Tub Time
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Gallows Games - Tub Time

Clip Description

Featuring: Debbie D & Jasmine

Debbie D is excited about her new boyfriend, the hangman. After bringing him several new beauties for the gallows, she has decided to celebrate by pleasuring herself in the tub. She sinks into the warm water and begins to fondle her breasts through her soaking wet little white T-shirt. Just when she's ready to start pleasuring herself, Jasmine the hitwoman has a gun pointed at her head. Jasmine lets Debbie know that the hangman's affections were only a ruse and that he planned to polish her off all along. Debbie can't believe what she's hearing, but instead of dealing with her broken heart, she has to beg for her life instead. It appears to work, and Jasmine puts the gun down. Just when Debbie thinks it over, Jasmine lunges for her and forces Debbie under the water. Debbie struggles and fights for air, but Jasmine is just too strong. Jasmine lets Debbie up for air the same way a cat plays with a mouse, only to force under the water again.

Features: Drowning, Cat Fighting, Guns, Underwater, Struggling, Begging, Wet T-shirt, Wet Underwear, Sandal, and Foot shots.

Clip Duration:      12 minutes
Format Size
mp4513.69 MB

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Gallows Games - Tub Time

Gallows Games - Tub Time

Gallows Games - Tub Time

Gallows Games - Tub Time

Gallows Games - Tub Time

Gallows Games - Tub Time

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