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    Kinky Clothes
    The Unhangable Pirate Tracy
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    Gallows Games - The Unhangable Pirate Tracy

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Tracy C. lixx

    Tracy is a pirate in a post-apocalyptic world and she has just been captured raiding a town for supplies. She gets no trial, and a noose is immediately placed around her neck. The Hangman pulls down her tunic to expose her huge breasts. She makes treats to the townspeople right before she is lynched. Pulled into the air by her neck she struggles and kicks until finally dying with her eyes open in a death stare. The Hangman takes her sandals off her hanging corpse, that being the only thing of value she has left.

    Later her body is resting on the gallows platform. The Hangman slowly strips Tracy naked and takes the time to admire her perfect body. That's when he notices that Tracy has started breathing. No worry, they just hang her again.

    Later Tracy has woken up and is completely naked on the gallows. She still makes threats to all watching and taunts them that they couldn't hang her before. The Hangman opens the trap drop and Tracy drops just far enough to tighten the noose, but not break her neck. She struggles even longer this time but finally dies with her tongue hanging out. This time her body is left hanging on the gallows for a few days.

    Features: Hanging twice, death stare, huge tits, bare feet, undressing, posing, full nudity, short drop hanging, hoist up hanging, defiant victim.

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41086.46 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - The Unhangable Pirate Tracy

    Gallows Games - The Unhangable Pirate Tracy

    Gallows Games - The Unhangable Pirate Tracy

    Gallows Games - The Unhangable Pirate Tracy

    Gallows Games - The Unhangable Pirate Tracy

    Gallows Games - The Unhangable Pirate Tracy

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