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    The Perils of Kerri
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    Gallows Games - The Perils of Kerri

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Kerri Taylor

    Kerri is a Yoga instructor doing her daily workout. Once she finishes her stretching its time to get to work. The Hangman attacks her from behind and changes her plans. He grabs her neck from behind and forces her to the ground. He quickly chokes her out and takes time to admire her unconscious body. Next Kerri wakes up and finds herself tied to the gallows with a noose around her next. Since she complains to much, the Hangman gags her. Later he enters and takes off her top to admire her breasts. As she struggles the Hangman tightens the noose and slowly chokes Kerri out. Finally Kerri is tied to the bed unable to move. As she struggles the Hangman enters and finally strangles her.

    Features: Manual strangulation, topless nudity, toe bondage, bare feet, ankle cuffs, yoga, rope bondage, noose bondage, noose strangulation, and body pans

    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4570.37 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - The Perils of Kerri

    Gallows Games - The Perils of Kerri

    Gallows Games - The Perils of Kerri

    Gallows Games - The Perils of Kerri

    Gallows Games - The Perils of Kerri

    Gallows Games - The Perils of Kerri

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    Strung Up Part Two - Featuring: Debbie D

Debbie D was out to show how tough she is again.  With a specially made noose, she decided to try a real hanging again this time multiple times and for much longer.  She did a great job and wants to do it again.

Features: Real Hanging, full suspension hanging, tied up hands and feet, bare feet, includes raw footage for people to make their own edit.

    Twice Hanged - Featuring: Keri Taylor

Keri decides to try on her new black nylons and spiked platform sandals while rolling around on her bed.  Soon she becomes so excited that she removes her top.  She fondles her perfect breasts and shows off her awesome ass as she gets herself hotter and hotter.  Just when she reaches her climax, the Hangman chokes her out from behind.  She wakes up with a noose around her neck on the gallows.  She tries to beg for her life, but the trap down is sprung and she has her neck stretched.  She struggles and kicks in her platforms.  The Hangman takes her down just before she expires.  He puts a pair of flat amazon sandals on her feet then hangs her again.  This time she kicks even harder.  The hangman pulls on her legs until her eyes bulge and her tongue hangs out.  

Features: Topless Nudity, Hanging, Manual Choking, Posing, Black Nylons, Platform Spiked Sandals, Flat Sandals, Bare Feet, and Body Pans.

    Hanging a Space Slave Cosplayer - Featuring Elena

Elena is admiring her new space slave costume which looks like a princess from a popular sci-fi trilogy.  She moves to the window to see if her ride to the convention has arrived.  He is already in the house with different plans.  He strangles her on the bed from behind until she goes unconscious.  Then he carries her to a makeshift gallows.  When she wakes up she is hoisted to her tiptoes with the noose tight around her neck.  The Hangman takes off her top to expose her young breasts as begs for her life.  The crate is kicked out from under her and she slowly begins to hang.  She struggles and kicks as she slowly strangles.  Once Elena stops kicking her tough sticks out and her eyes open wide.  The hangman takes her body down and poses her on the couch. 

Features: Hanging, strangling, posing, topless nudity, fondling, sandal and foot shots, and death stare.

    Hitwoman  The Belly Dancer - Featuring: Tracy C. Lixx, and Jasmine

The Hitwoman has found herself a new toy at the strip club.  She has her new belly dance toy dance for her, and then perform a little striptease.  However, she quickly gets bored with the little game and decides to raise the stakes.  As her toy begs for her life she tightens the noose around her neck and soon the Hitwoman has herself a new victim for the gallows.  She caresses herself as she watches her little belly dance slowly strangle.  

Features topless nudity, posing, stripping, gunplay, hanging, sandal and foot shots.

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