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    Kinky Clothes
    Strung Up
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    Gallows Games - Strung Up

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Debbie D

    Debbie D is a tough girl and this was her idea. She wanted to try a REAL HANGING. She dressed up like an Amazon Warrior, let me place the cloth noose around her neck, and the hoist her up. She struggled and choked. She kicked hard as she was pulled up by the neck. Afterwards, she said she canít wait to do it again.

    Features: REAL HANGING, choking, posing, sandal and foot shots.

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
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    mp4257.28 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Strung Up

    Gallows Games - Strung Up

    Gallows Games - Strung Up

    Gallows Games - Strung Up

    Gallows Games - Strung Up

    Gallows Games - Strung Up

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    Strung Up Part Two - Featuring: Debbie D

Debbie D was out to show how tough she is again.  With a specially made noose, she decided to try a real hanging again this time multiple times and for much longer.  She did a great job and wants to do it again.

Features: Real Hanging, full suspension hanging, tied up hands and feet, bare feet, includes raw footage for people to make their own edit.

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    Kinky Clothes