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    Kinky Clothes
    Rivals For The Noose
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    Gallows Games - Rivals For The Noose

    Clip Description

    Features: Caroline Pierce, and Jasmine

    Caroline and Jasmine have decided to put an end to their rivalry for the same man once and for all. They decide to fight it out, and the loser gets hanged. Jasmine chokes Caroline out and they place her unconscious body on the gallows. Just when she finishes placing the noose around her neck, Jasmine's lover attacks from behind. Next Jasmine and Caroline find themselves standing together on the gallows. The hangman strips Caroline naked trying to decide which one to keep. They try to convince the hangman to pick one of them but he decides he would rather stretch their pretty necks instead. He hangs Jasmine first to let Caroline see her impending fate and then finally hangs her as well. They struggle and foam at the mouth, and finally strangled.

    Features: Hanging, choking, catfighting, full nudity, undressing, bondage, sandal, and foot shots.

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4485.86 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Rivals For The Noose

    Gallows Games - Rivals For The Noose

    Gallows Games - Rivals For The Noose

    Gallows Games - Rivals For The Noose

    Gallows Games - Rivals For The Noose

    Gallows Games - Rivals For The Noose

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    Worthless - Featuring: Debbie and Pandora

Debbie has tired of yet another slave girl.  While playing with her toy, little Pandora bit her mistress Debbie.  Enraged Debbie has decided on a course of permanent discipline by the noose.  As Pandora begs Debbie strips her down and then places the noose around her neck.  As Pandora pleads one last time, Debbie hoists her up by the neck.  Pandora strangles and kicks until her little body can take no more.  Once she expires Debbie takes the time to fondle her former toy one last time.

Features: hanging, strangling, undressing, bondage, full nudity, fondling, sandal and foot shots.

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    Kinky Clothes