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Lethal Injection


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    Hanged For Murder
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    Gallows Games - Hanged For Murder

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Delirious Hunter

    Del is pacing in her cell when the Hangman enters. He tells her that her last appeal was exhausted and that she will be hanged for the murder of her husband Thomas Gayle in the morning. She breaks down and begins to cry. The Hangman asks if there is anything he can do. Del asks him to hate fuck her because she deserves to be punished further. The Hangman agrees and begins to forcefully remove Del's clothes. The Hangman Forces Del to blow him and then fucks her missionary style, then doggy style. The Hangman forces Del on top of him, grabs her hair from behind and makes her fuck him cowgirl style. Next he makes Del give him a foot job and then fucks her missionary style again. When the Hangman is ready he pulls out of Del and cums on her chest.

    The next morning the Hangman enters Del's cell again and handcuffs her hands behind her back. Next the Hangman puts Del's hair in a bum and leads her out of the cell to the gallows. Once on the gallows the Hangman strips Del down to her underwear. He straps Del's ankles, knees, and shoulders. The Hangman pulls out a bible and reads a passage before letting Del have her last words. Del says she is sorry for killing her husband and deserves her fate. The Hangman places a hood over Del's head and starts to move off, but Del begs him to remove the hood which he does.

    The Hangman opens the trap door and Del drops, but it is not far enough to break her neck so she begins to slowly strangle. Del struggles a twitches and she gasps for air, but it is no good. After what for Del feels like an eternity she finally strangles. Her eyes open wide and her tongue hangs out. The Hangman takes off the straps and handcuffs and then strips Del naked. The Hangman takes out a cloth and wipes down her body as she hangs there. He moves off to leave her hanging for a few hours.

    Features: Hanging, flip flops, bare feet, belt bondage, long drop hanging, hair pulling, missionary sex, blow jobs, foot jobs, doggy style, cowgirl sex, finger fucking, prison uniform, undressing, prison cell, rough sex.

    Clip Duration:      41 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41934.7 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Hanged For Murder

    Gallows Games - Hanged For Murder

    Gallows Games - Hanged For Murder

    Gallows Games - Hanged For Murder

    Gallows Games - Hanged For Murder

    Gallows Games - Hanged For Murder

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    Double Stretch - Featuring: Scarlet, and Jasmine

Scarlet and Jasmine are knocked out and sleeping in the hangman's lair.  He enters their cell and strips off their high heeled sandals and puts on a pair of flat sandals after playing with their feet.  He carries Jasmine off to the gallows, but when he returns for Scarlet he decides to open her top for a look at her perfect breasts.  When she wakes up and tries to fight he strangles her with a rope until she's unconscious.  Later both ladies are on the gallows pleading for their lives.  His answer is to kick out the stools.  They start to struggle a kick as they slowly hang.  When the hangman tires of their struggling he pulls on their legs.  their tongues pop out and foam dribbles out of their mouths.  When they finally expire the hangman takes them down to play with them a little more.

Features: Hanging, strangling, undressing, posing, high heels, sleepy, sandal, and foot shots.

    Strung Up Part Two - Featuring: Debbie D

Debbie D was out to show how tough she is again.  With a specially made noose, she decided to try a real hanging again this time multiple times and for much longer.  She did a great job and wants to do it again.

Features: Real Hanging, full suspension hanging, tied up hands and feet, bare feet, includes raw footage for people to make their own edit.

    Blow Job Before the Gallows - Featuring: Christie Starr, and Debbie D

Christie has been kidnapped by Debbie D and the hangman.  Debbie D enters first while Christie is tied up and makes her an offer she can\'t refuse.  If Christie pleasures the hangman, they\'ll let her live.  When the hangman enters, Christie puts up a fight as he undresses her, but eventually, she agrees to the bargain and gives him a blow job.  She switches from blow job, to hand job, then to footjob in an effort to please him.  Finally, she blows him one more time and swallows his seed.  The next thing she knows Debbie D has her on the gallows with a noose around her neck.  She begs for her life while Debbie D taunts her, and the hangman tightens the noose.  Debbie kicks the crate out from under her feet and she slowly hangs.  The hangman pulls on her feet when she tries to reach for the gallows, and her tongue pops out as she finally expires.  Debbie D carries her body to the couch where the hangman fondles her breasts and plays with her pretty red toes.

Features: Topless nudity, breast fondling, blow job, hand job, foot job, forced undressing, carrying, Nipple piercings,  hanging, posing, sandal, and bare feet.

    Pandoras Execution by Lethal Injection - Featuring: Pandora Jones

Pandora has been convicted of smuggling drugs in another country.  She is woken up and told to dress on the night of her execution.  She tries to be brave as she dresses herself.  Then she is taken to the the execution room.  She is told to strip, and then lay down on the execution table which has her positioned like she is on a cross.  Pandora is strapped in and the needles are injected.  The executioner begins one of three injections.  Each time Pandora struggles more and more as the burning chemicals surge through her system.  On the last one she begins to foam at the mouth and convulse until she finally dies.  Her time of death is announced, and the sheet is placed over her body except for her bare feet.

Features: Lethal Injection, foaming at the mouth, convulsing, bare feet, soles, undressing, straps, duct taped feet, prison uniform.

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