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    Execution Gals Part 2
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    Gallows Games - Execution Gals Part 2

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Lauren Sophia, Melody Mynx

    Lauren Survived being hanged next to Melody after the rope snapped, dropping her on the floor of the gallows. She was taken back to her cell, where she masturbated to her memory of Melody being hanged. She grabbed her throat to choke herself while she remembered the hanging of her friend.

    Later, Lauren is excited to betaken to the gallows again. This time, she can't wait to be hanged. While her legs are bound, she reaches around and tries to rub the noose on her pussy. The Hangman takes the noose and places it around her neck. With Lauren getting more excited by the minute, the Hangman opens the trap door and hangs her. She struggles and kicks as the noose bites into her neck. She struggles for a long time, finally dying with her tongue protruding and her eyes wide open. The Hangman grabs her tits one more time and leaves her body to hang for an hour to make sure she's dead.

    Features: Hanging, topless nudity, solo female, flip-flops, bare feet, breast fondling, huge tits, self choking, prison uniform, death stare.

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41168.44 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Execution Gals Part 2

    Gallows Games - Execution Gals Part 2

    Gallows Games - Execution Gals Part 2

    Gallows Games - Execution Gals Part 2

    Gallows Games - Execution Gals Part 2

    Gallows Games - Execution Gals Part 2

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    Lauren Sophia Hangs Herself - Featuring: Lauren Sophia

Lauren is an actress who has been captured by a creepy fan when she was on her way home from a fantasy movie shoot.  She has been keep in a cell surrounded by camera's for several days, and she has had enough.  After freaking out, she takes off her costume and fashions it into a noose.  She ties it to that bars and places the noose around her neck.  She jumps off the bed and hangs herself.  She struggles for a long time trying to pull herself up the bars or climb back on the bed, but that only makes the noose tighter.  She finally dies with her tongue hanging out. 

Later, that creepy fan enters the cell and starts to play with her breasts as her body hangs there with her tongue out and her eyes open.  The fan unties the noose from the bars and places her body on the bed with the noose still around her neck.  He takes off her sandals and leaves her body in the cell.

Features: Hanging, suicide, death stare, undressing, breast fondling, sandals, bare feet, full nudity, undressing, posing, and huge tits.

    Execution Gals Part 1 - Featuring: Melody Mynx & Lauren Sophia

Melody and Lauren are about to be hanged together.  Melody tells Lauren that she has fucked one of the guards to help them escape.  It turns out the guard betrayed her.  Another guard enters and takes them both to the gallows.  Lauren and Melody beg for their lives, but the trap door is opened and they both slowly hang.  After a few minutes, Lauren's rope snaps, and she falls to the floor while Melody continues to strangle on the gallows.  Lauren suddenly gets excited watching Melody slowly strangle with her huge tits hanging out, and begins to play with herself.  Lauren cums when Melody finally dies, and it left hanging for an hour.  With Lauren be hanged again, she seems to want it, check out part two to find out.

Features: Double hanging, solo female, missionary sex, cum shot, flip-flops, bare feet, begging, full nudity, topless nudity, breast fondling, cowgirl sex, handcuffs, double execution, prison sex.

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