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    Kinky Clothes
    Death of The Pyro Pornstar Part 1
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    Gallows Games - Death of The Pyro Pornstar Part 1

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Kaya Lin & Jasmine

    Kaya Lin is scheduled to be hanged in the morning for the accidental murder of a used Car salesman while trying to make a political statement. Not wanted to die without having sex one last time she manages to seduce a guard. She lets him play with her feet and her pussy before she blows him. The Kaya mounts his cock cowgirl style and lets him fuck her. They fuck so hard that she is pressed against the bars of the cell.

    Later another guard comes for Kaya, explaining that because of her light frame her neck might not break when she is dropped form the gallows, but they would do everything possible to make her passing quick. Kaya nods her head in acknowledgement and she is hand cuffed and lead to the gallows. Once at the gallows. warden Jasmine reads off her sentence and Kaya apologies for the death of the salesman. Kaya's legs are belted and she is blindfolded before the noose is placed around her neck. Kaya is dropped and the blindfold falls off. Kaya's neck does not break and she slowly begins to strangle and kick at the end of the rope. Kaya's tongue pops out and Kaya pisses herself before finally going limp.

    Features: Hanging, full nudity, finger fucking, boy/girl sex, hand job, blowjob, flip flops, bare feet, and blindfolds.

    Clip Duration:      26 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4850.54 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Death of The Pyro Pornstar Part 1

    Gallows Games - Death of The Pyro Pornstar Part 1

    Gallows Games - Death of The Pyro Pornstar Part 1

    Gallows Games - Death of The Pyro Pornstar Part 1

    Gallows Games - Death of The Pyro Pornstar Part 1

    Gallows Games - Death of The Pyro Pornstar Part 1

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    Willing Victim Part 2 - Featuring: Melanie Hicks, Pandora Jones

Melanie wakes up in her cell after being hung.  Apparently the police had caught up with her, and her death was only a dream.  She is dressed like a prisoner and confused.  Officer Pandora enters and informs Melanie that she is going to be hanged in the morning for murder, but she gets one last night of sex.  Her last request enters the cell and she begins to suck his cock.  Then Melanie fucks him like there is no tomorrow, because for her, there isn't.  After her last night, Melanie is lead to the gallows by officer Pandora.  Pandora taunts Melanie and her ankles are shackled and the noose is placed around her neck.  With out reading the charges, Pandora hangs Melanie.  Melanie kicks hard as the noose bites into her neck which unfortunately failed to break.  She kicks so hard her flip flops come off and she is left strangling in her bare feet.  Melanie's tongue protrudes and she finally expires at the end of the rope.  Later Pandora strips Melanie and lays her out on a table.  Officer Pandora molests Melanie one last time, when suddenly she wakes up.  

Wait for part three to see what Officer Pandora does.

Features: Hanging, boy/girl sex, blowjobs, ankle cuffs, full nudity, creampie, prison cell, girl/girl molestation, sandals, and bare feet.

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