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Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack
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Gallows Games - Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack

Clip Description

Featuring Candle Boxx & Dixie Comet

Three videos all up-scaled to full HD and re-edited together in a new value pack at a great price. Description of clips below.

Call Girls Part 1 (Gassed) Featuring: Dixie Comet and Candle Boxx

Candle and Dixie are two fun loving call girls who love to play dress up for their clients. They're told to wait in a room and change, however they fail to notice that they are standing under the gallows. They undress each other and begin to play with their breasts while they get bored waiting. They manage to find some swords to play with, but as they wait they begin to get light headed. Before they realize what is happening gas begins to flood the room. Candle is the first to collapse, soon followed by Dixie who crashes on top of her. Once the gas is removed the hangman enters to look at his latest toys.

Features: Gassing, full nudity, undressing, women playing with their breasts, body pans, sandal and foot shots.

Call Girls Part 2 (hanged 2x) Featuring: Candle Boxx, and Dixie Comet

Still out from the gas, the hangman enters to look at his new toys. He plays with the a bit, but then its back to work. When Candle and Dixie awaken they are standing on the gallows waiting to be hanged. While they beg and try to bargain for their lives, the hangman takes a last moment to humiliate them by stripping them completely naked. They still beg as the hangman releases the trapdoor. they both struggle and hang for what to them seems like forever, until the hangman takes them down. While they try to catch their breath the hangman puts a pair of high heel pumps on Candle, and a black nylons, and high heeled sandals for Dixie. Just when they start to recover, the hangman pulls them up by their pretty necks and hangs them again. The struggle and kick for even longer. The hangman pulls hard on their legs. Foam drips from their mouths as they finally strangle to death. The hangman takes off their nylons and pumps and leaves their dead bodies hanging bare foot on the gallows.

Features: Full nudity, drop hanging, hoist up hanging, body pans, undressing, limb play, nylons, high heel sandals, high heel pumps, flat sandal, and bare feet shots.

Bed Time Dead Time Featuring: Candle Boxx, and Dixie Comet

Candle and Dixie are having a pillow fight on the bed. Candle decides that she wants a little more and darers Dixie to take off her clothes. Dixie agrees, but only if Candle does the same. They tease each other as they strip down to nothing. candle distracts Dixie and then suddenly wraps a cloth around her cute neck and begins to strangle her. Dixie's tongue pops out and her bare feet kick as Candle taunts her. Candle gives one last hard tug and Dixie expires. The hangman enters later and Candle presents him with her gift. The hangman is pleased, but then he decides to strangle Candle as well. She begs for her life, and struggles hard, but the hangman is to strong. He leaves her dead body next to Dixie with her tongue hanging out. When he examines Dixie she wakes up and he has to strangle her again. Afterwards the hangman poses their bodies and plays with their feet.

Features: Full Nudity, Pillow Fights, Undressing, Strangling, Girl on Girl Strangulation, Posing, Sandal and Foot shots.

Clip Duration:      44 minutes
Format Size
mp41894.14 MB

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Gallows Games - Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack

Gallows Games - Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack

Gallows Games - Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack

Gallows Games - Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack

Gallows Games - Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack

Gallows Games - Candle Boxx and Dixie Comet Value Pack
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