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    Kinky Clothes
    Bad Dreams
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    Gallows Games - Bad Dreams

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Kaya Lin

    Kaya is having a nightmare that she is about to be hanged by the neck. She is standing on a ladder with the noose around her neck and her hands bound behind her back. She begs for her life as the Hangman approaches. He pulls down her shirt to expose her breasts as he fondles them. When he's had enough of toying with Kaya, he pulls the ladder out from under her feet and she begins to slowly hang. Her tongue sticks out as she dangles at the end of her rope with the noose digging into her throat. The Hangman finally pulls on her feet causing her flipflops to slip off. Her throat is crushed and her tongue flops out as her body slowly twists in the air motionless. Next Kaya wakes up in her bed it all being a bad dream. She looks up and her next client is there wearing a mask, just the kink she likes. He takes her sandals off and she gives him a footjob, right after he fingers her pussy to get her wet. Next, she removes all her clothes and mounts his cock. They fuck in every position they can until Kaya's client is satisfied. The masked man leaves her to relax in bed, but he soon returns and places a rope around her neck. As she slowly strangles, Kaya realizes that the masked man was the hangman from her dreams. She tries to kick free, but one last tug forces out her last breath. The Hangman poses her body before having sex with her body one more time. The last thing the Hangman does is give himself a footjob with her beautiful feet. He cums on her feet before leaving her on the bed.

    Features: full sex, footjob, necro sex, hanging, strangling, posing, undressing, soles, bare feet, body pans, sandal, and foot shots.

    Clip Duration:      27 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4912.47 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Bad Dreams

    Gallows Games - Bad Dreams

    Gallows Games - Bad Dreams

    Gallows Games - Bad Dreams

    Gallows Games - Bad Dreams

    Gallows Games - Bad Dreams

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Asian model Krystal has decided to film her own foot lovers video for her adoring fans.  She gets herself a cameraman, and a hotel room and proceeds to show off her lovely toes.  She starts with her favorite high heeled sandals and works her way down to a lovely pair of flat thong sandals.  She teases her views and cameraman.  Just when she finishes and things she can rest, the cameraman puts on a mask and proceeds to strangle her on the bed.  She struggles and fights hard, but the rope tightens.  Taking his chance the cameraman poses her and plays with her pretty toes.

Features: Strangling, posing, Lingerie, struggling, high heel sandals, flat sandals, bare feet, and soles.

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