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    Kinky Clothes
    Amazon Thief Part 11
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    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 11

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Kaya Lin & Jasmine

    Same old story Amazon lured into lair, Jasmine knocks her out, and then Amazon wakes up in cell being taunted before she hangs. Jasmine wastes no time taunting Kaya, but the beautiful warrior is defiant. Jasmine leaves and the Hangman enters. Kaya decides she wants to have a good fuck before she swings from the gallows. She gets finger fucked by the Hangman and then she gives him a blow job. They fuck in several different positions until the Hangman cream pies Kaya.

    Later Kaya is at the gallows with her hands bound behind her back and the noose around her neck. Jasmine taunts Kaya one last time before the Hangman slowly hoists her up by the neck. Kaya struggles and kicks as the rope strangles her. The Hangman finger fucks her and plays with Kaya's tits before finally pulling on her pretty feet. Kaya's tongue pops out and she finally dies. The Hangman takes a few moments to play with her tits and pussy before leave her body hanging.

    Features: Hanging, knock out, taunting, amazons, armor, finger fucking, blowjob, cream pie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, jail cell, sandals, Asian, and pornstar.

    Clip Duration:      33 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41673.96 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 11

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 11

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 11

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 11

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 11

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 11

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    Garroting Kaya Lin - Featuring: Kaya Lin & Jasmine

Jasmine the Lesbian Hit woman, has captured Kaya Lin and handcuffed her to to her Spanish Garrote Machine.  She taunts Kaya as Jasmine slowly walks behind the machine and grasps the handles.  Jasmine begins to turn the crank slowly tightening the rope around Kaya's neck.  As Kaya begins to strangle, Jasmine pulls down her shirt to expose her nice tits.  Jasmine tightens the crank more until Kaya begins to struggle violently.  Kaya's tongue pops out, and Jasmine continues to taunt her.  Finally Kaya strangles to death.  Jasmine examines Kaya's body, playing with her hair before leaving her body.

Later Kaya's body is in the morgue.  The Janitor enters the morgue and begins to play with Kaya's breasts and feet.  The Janitor pulls off her underwear exposing her hairy pussy.  He drops his shorts and fucks Kaya's body on the table.  When he's done, He fingers her pussy and takes off her sandals.

Features: Garroting, full nudity, undressing, sandals, bare feet, necro sex, standing missionary fucking, fingering, breast fondling, Tattoos, Asian, pierced nipples, and posing.

    The Perils of Kerri - Featuring: Kerri Taylor

Kerri is a Yoga instructor doing her daily workout.  Once she finishes her stretching its time to get to work.  The Hangman attacks her from behind and changes her plans.  He grabs her neck from behind and forces her to the ground.  He quickly chokes her out and takes time to admire her unconscious body.  Next Kerri wakes up and finds herself tied to the gallows with a noose around her next.  Since she complains to much, the Hangman gags her.  Later he enters and takes off her top to admire her breasts.  As she struggles the Hangman tightens the noose and slowly chokes Kerri out.  Finally Kerri is tied to the bed unable to move.  As she struggles the Hangman enters and finally strangles her. 

Features: Manual strangulation, topless nudity, toe bondage, bare feet, ankle cuffs, yoga, rope bondage, noose bondage, noose strangulation, and body pans

    Executing Kaya Lin - Featuring: Kaya Lin

Kaya Lin is in her cell only a few hours away from hanging for the murder of her boy friend.  She sees the perverted Hangman and knows he likes her pretty feet.  She calls the Hangman man over and lets him touch her feet through the bars saying he can do whatever he wants to her.  The Hangman enters and slowly undresses Kaya.  The fuck cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy style, and then she gives the Hangman what he really wants.  Kaya takes off her flip flops and begins to play with his dick with her feet.  She gives him a long footjob, letting the hangman know what a little pervert she thinks he is.  The footjob lasts long but the Hangman doesn't cum.

Later Kaya is taken to the gallows where the Hangman decides to have his revenge for Kaya not making him cum.  After he belts her legs, and places the noose around her neck, the Hangman pulls down her shirt so she hangs with her tits hanging out.  Kaya protests, but the Hangman just feels her up and moves off.  Little does Kaya know, that the Hangman has shortened the drop and placed the noose so that she strangles slowly.  The warden rads out the sentence and Kaya is hanged by the neck.  The rope tightens and she begins to struggle with her tongue hanging out.  She Struggles for almost five minute before the Hangman can no longer resist her feet so he pulls on the hard taking off her flip flops.  Kaya fights harder but slowly dies.  Once she dies the Hangman pulls down her pants to play with her pussy one last time before leaving her body to hang for the rest of the day.

Features: Hanging, undressing, Asian, flip flops, bare feet, footjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, full nudity, finger fucking, breast fondling, pierced nipples, tattoos, prison cell, and executions.

    Captured Amazon - Featuring: Kerri Taylor

A captured Amazon awakens to find herself crucified naked on the gallows.   She struggles to free herself but the bonds are too strong and she eventually passes out from exhaustion.  Then her captor enters.  As she struggles to free herself he places a rope around her pretty neck and begins to pull it tight.  Her tongue pops out as she gasps for air, but she dies slowly.  Her captor plays with her body as a final act of humiliation.  

Features strangling, crucifixion, topless nudity, choking, posing, sandal, and foot shots.

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