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    Amazon Thief Part 10 Rivals
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    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 10 Rivals

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Tracy C. Lixx, and Jasmine

    Amazon Tracy has found a sealed garage. She breaks in to search for weapons or food for her tribe. Just as Tracy finds a cache of weapons she runs in to an amazon from another tribe, Jasmine. They taunt each other and then attack with their swords, however their fight is interrupted when gas floods the garage. Tracy and Jasmine drop their weapons and begin to choke as the gas fills their lungs. Within minutes they pass out.

    Tracy and Jasmine are in a cell unconscious. Tracy has her breasts exposed. The Hangman enters the cell and poses their bodies for a while before he leaves to ready the gallows for his amazon prey.

    Next Tracy and Jasmine are standing on the gallows with their hand bound behind their backs and nooses around their necks. They start to argue but eventually agree to work on an escape together, but it too late. The Hangman approaches and they begin to taunt him and he checks their bonds to make sure they'll hang nice and slow. They taunt the Hangman, but his only answer is to open the trap door. Tracy and Jasmine drop and the ropes tighten around their necks. They both struggle and kick for a while. The Hangman grabs Jasmines feet and pulls tight finishing her first. She dies with her eyes wide open. Next the Hangman pulls on Tracy's feet and she expires next. While both their bodies hang there with their eyes open the Hangman takes off their sandals.

    Features: Hanging, gassing, posing, death stare, topless nudity, sandals, bare feet, cat fighting, swords, armor, amazons, and choking.

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41379.84 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 10 Rivals

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 10 Rivals

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 10 Rivals

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 10 Rivals

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 10 Rivals

    Gallows Games - Amazon Thief Part 10 Rivals

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