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    Kinky Clothes
    A Tale Of Two Hangings
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    Gallows Games - A Tale Of Two Hangings

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Tracy C. Lixx, and Jasmine

    Tracy has been sentenced to hang by the neck until dead for the murder of her husband. As she waits in her cell in her prison uniform, a priest jasmine enters and begins to read a passage from the bible. The Hangman enters soon after and prepare Tracy for the gallows. He strips her of her prison uniform reveling her black underwear and puts on the black dress she asked to be hanged in. He ties Tracy's hair back and then cuffs her hands behind her back. Tracy is lead to the gallows with the priest behind her. On the gallows Tracy's shoulders, waist and ankles are tightly bound with belts and the noose is placed around her neck. She cries and says her last words before the Hangman reads out her sentence and places a black hood over her head. The trapdoor opens and Tracy hangs. Her neck doesn't break and she begins to slowly strangle. She struggles in her bare feet and the rope gets tighter around her neck. She struggles for a long time but finally goes limp.

    The Hangman and Jasmine proceed to the bottom on the gallows to check her body. The Hangman removes her handcuffs, then all the belts and her dress leaving her to hang in her underwear. He re-cuffs Tracy's hands behind her back to make taking her body down easier. The hangman removes the hood and suddenly Tracy begins to struggle again. The priest demands she be taken down immediately. Jasmine holds up Tracy's body as the Hangman unhooks the the rope from the gallows.

    Tracy is back in her cell with Jasmine with her hands cuffed behind her back and her ankles tightly bound with a belt. She is lying on her stomach in her underwear still confused from her ordeal. The Hangman enters with a paper in his hands. Priest Jasmine quickly tells the Hangman it was a miracle Tracy survived and she should be let free. The Hangman interrupts Jasmine to tell Tracy that there will be a second attempt at hanging her and this time it will be on a short drop gallows they just made. With Tracy begging for her life, and Jasmine protesting Tracy is dragged from the cell. Tracy is forced to stand on a stool and the noose is placed around her neck. The death warrant is read again and the Hangman places the hood over her head. The Hangman pulls out the stool letting her slowly hang. Tracy struggles even longer this time, but finally stops moving. The Hangman removes the hood. Tracy's yes open wide and she struggles for a few more moments before finally dying with her eyes wide open.

    Features: Hanging, prison cells, prison uniform, undressing, black underwear, flip flops, bare feet, begging, dragging, execution, short drop hanging, long drop hanging, bound with belts, bound feet and death stare.

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41850.33 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - A Tale Of Two Hangings

    Gallows Games - A Tale Of Two Hangings

    Gallows Games - A Tale Of Two Hangings

    Gallows Games - A Tale Of Two Hangings

    Gallows Games - A Tale Of Two Hangings

    Gallows Games - A Tale Of Two Hangings

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