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Hanged women

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    Kinky Clothes
    Russian Lady Hanged Part 2
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    Hanging Women - Russian Lady Hanged Part 2

    Clip Description

    The Russian lady is back for more. This time, up close hanging and POV strangling. Dangling and trotting bare feet.

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
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    mp4807.99 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Hanging Women - Russian Lady Hanged Part 2

    Hanging Women - Russian Lady Hanged Part 2

    Hanging Women - Russian Lady Hanged Part 2

    Hanging Women - Russian Lady Hanged Part 2

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Small scene of tied hands at the back.

    Italian Lady hanged and strangled - Italian brunette lady hanged and strangled. Wide eyes and tongue action.
Half of screen is a picture of her legs and feet, to anonymize the hangman and for an extra update to spice it up.

    Latvian lady hanged and strangled - Latvian lady hanged and strangled. Hanging this time with different types of nooses, a regular one, and one Good Ol' Fashioned Noose :)
The lady was very much into it, and she just barely could reach the floor on her tiptoes, she got almost more than she bargained for.

Stangling with hands, strangling with red scarf tightly around her lovely neck.
Red face, choking sounds, eyes wide, long tongue and drooling.

Part of the screen is blacked out to anonymize the hangman, having fun with this talented lady.

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Two hangings. Long tongue, struggling and dangling bare feet.

    Russian lady hanged and strangled - Russian 22 year old brunette slowly hanged several times and strangled, crossed eyes and long tongue. One part close up from the side, with tears.

Right side of screen is covered with a still from the video, to fully focus on the action.

    Lithuanian Lady hanged and strangled - Lovely Lithuanian Lady hanged and strangled, dressed in white.
Part of videoscreen is a picture of her lovely legs, she is a dancer :)

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