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Hanged women

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    Kinky Clothes
    Latvian Lady Hanged and Strangled
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    Hanged Women - Latvian Lady Hanged and Strangled

    Clip Description

    This long clip of a gorgeous lady from Latvia is one of the toughest hangings. She wanted to test her own limits and I made sure she got what she bargained for....

    She chokes hard, her face gets red, and her tongue comes out of her mouth....

    Afterwards, I strangled her so hard that she drooled a bit....

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41153.61 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Hanged Women - Latvian Lady Hanged and Strangled

    Hanged Women - Latvian Lady Hanged and Strangled

    Hanged Women - Latvian Lady Hanged and Strangled

    Hanged Women - Latvian Lady Hanged and Strangled

    Hanged Women - Latvian Lady Hanged and Strangled

    Hanged Women - Latvian Lady Hanged and Strangled

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