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    Kinky Clothes
    Miao the latex nun
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    Studio Bling - Miao the latex nun

    Clip Description

    This is right after we go to an Anime and game convention. As Miao cosplays as the nun from the Hitman game. We came back to the hotel and I play with Miao

    You can see she is in her sexy latex nun outfit. I bound her hand behind her. I then connected a breathing hose to her and see her struggle with some limited air in the bag. couple time she screams "I need air!!!" but I won't get her any.

    After that, I put a vibrator on her and see her struggle with it. she is forced to "enjoy" the vibrator for 15 min and cum multiple times.

    Please follow me on Fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Clip Duration:      38 minutes
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    Studio Bling - Miao the latex nun

    Studio Bling - Miao the latex nun

    Studio Bling - Miao the latex nun

    Studio Bling - Miao the latex nun

    Studio Bling - Miao the latex nun

    Studio Bling - Miao the latex nun

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    Bunny Latex in Hot spring - One of our friends invited us to a hot spring resort. I couldn't resist the temptation of play with Bunny in latex at the resort. So I ask her to change to full latex and we start playing.

we started in the room where I ask her to put on the kigurumi mask and play put a bag on her. I let her play with herself until she needs air.

Then put a rubber hood on her and bound her hand to her back. A vacuum hood then is been placed on her. I am still not satisfied so I put the kigurumi mask on top of her vacuum hood. she screams for air but I won't let her have it. I later put a belt on her hood that makes it harder to breathe. She then screams harder for air.

It's time for the hot spring. I lower her into the hot spring and make her put on a gas mask. I later connect a tube so she can start sucking in water. 

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

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