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  • Bunny Multiple
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    Kinky Clothes
    Bunny gets to play with the bag
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    Studio Bling - Bunny gets to play with the bag

    Clip Description

    This time I let bunny do some self-bagging first. She did really well rebreathing the air in the bag until she can no longer take it.

    then it's time for me to play.

    I put her in Cluff and put a bag on her. seal the bag and watch her struggle for air. She screams a couple of times and wants to get out.

    production quality increased!

    Thank you for your support. please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling

    Clip Duration:      28 minutes
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    mp4658.88 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Studio Bling - Bunny gets to play with the bag

    Studio Bling - Bunny gets to play with the bag

    Studio Bling - Bunny gets to play with the bag

    Studio Bling - Bunny gets to play with the bag

    Studio Bling - Bunny gets to play with the bag

    Studio Bling - Bunny gets to play with the bag

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    Bunny getting taped - In this clip, bunny is wearing a zentai mask and got taped

later I added another latex mask on top and use my hand to block the only breathing hole. it's fun to see her struggle. 

short clip for a cheap price

Thank you for your support. for more content follow me on fetlife @StudioBling

    Out door Breathless Play - This time bunny and I are going out on a date. But she will be in a suitcase.

I put a gas mask on her and shrinkwrap a plastic bag on her. Put her into the suitcase with only a breathing tube outside.

I took her to the street and couple times people look at us funny. 

Then I set her on the side of the street, and play with her breath. It's fun to see her struggle in the suitcase. 

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Extreme Zentai Gasmask Breathplay - Bunny is put into a zentai suit and gas mask. She was pushed to her limit at the end.

I first put a plastic bag on her and put the gas mask over her head.

Later I put a mouth gag on her, it was so deep she chock on it. I keep pushing it in her mouth even she screams "stop!! stop!! it hurts."

At last, I put the gas make on her and put a breathing bag on the end of the tube. She struggles so hard that the sofa actually broke at the end.

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Gas mask in bath tub - I put Bunny in full on latex bondage and toss her into the bath tub.

you can see her try to get out but she can't move at all

I first put a gas mask filter on her and block the intake with my hand. it's so hard to breathe for her, soon her gas mask lenses fogged up

I then switch to the rebreathing bag. she soon starts yelling  "I need air I need air!!" you can see her sucking in the gas mask hard to get air.

it's great you can see her desperate eyes from time to time and know how hard she struggles for air. 

lots of detail for you to find out in the video.

please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Bunny Multiple Layer Breathplay - This time Bunny is in Zentai!

Bunny looks very sexy in her new bondage gear. The only thing missing is some bondage hood to restrict her breathing.

I first put a rubber good on her. If you see our previous clip you will know how bunny "like" the hood. right away it makes her hard to breathe. I then layered another mask on her. and another bondage hood right after, now bunny is in 4 layers of masks!

I still think it is not enough so I put the gas mask on her and connected the hose. Now she starts to panic. I play with her a while and put the breathing bag on the other end. let's see how long she can take it. 

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Zentai Breathless - Bunny really got disparate for Air in this play. it got extreme at the end.

She is in zentai full body suit and bound to the post. I first started putting my hand over her mouth and noise. The sound of her moaning is very erotic. 

I then pot a rubber hood on her. The hood has only small opening for breathing. I cover the hole with my hand and it really gets harder for bunny to breath. I play with her clit which makes her breath even harder.

Then I decided to do some water torture. I pray water on her that makes difficult to breath. she tries to get away but there is no getting away.

last scene, I bound her to the bed, bound her hands behind her back and put a vibe inside her. put some extra tap on her just to make it more interesting. I then put a bag on her and seal it with tape. now she can only breath the air in the bag. she then gets the vibe.

At last, she starts yelling "I can't do it!!!!I can't do it!!!! take it off!!!take it off!!!! I am gonna die!!!!"

first time pushing bunny to the limit. A must See.

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    fulllength clip Bunny in latex straight jacket - My first full-length clip!

Bunny is in a latex straight jacket and bound. First I put a ball gag onto her. The gag is so big that she choked on it couple times. I then start vibing her.

I then changed the gag and put a gas mask on her. 

some slapping and whipping make her breathing heavier and heavier.

at last, I put a letter hood on her and shove her into a suitcase. then it's time to ship her out. how long can she last in it?

special!!! reduced price!

follow me on fetlife for more pictures @StudioBling

    Bunny total Seal UP - Recently I bought a bunch of taps. it's time to try them on Bunny.

This time We also use some special lighting for the scene.

Bunny is bound to the post, her hand is stick tight to the post so she can't do anything. I first stick some tap on her so she has a hard time to breath. I started ticking her leg. She tries to get away but she cannot do anything.

I then put plastic wrap over her head and put some extra tap on her. she struggles a lot to  breath and get free

At last, I told her the shooting is over, but use tape to block her breath. she panicked and try to get the tap off.

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Bunny in Gas mask - In this clip, Bunny is wearing a Gas mask and one-piece black dress. I play with her while she was bound.

last few seconds contain some teaser. may or may not come out. ^_^

short clip at a low price

Thank you for your support, please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling

    Miaos first debut   Tap head breathplay - If you follow me on Fetlife you will notice that there is a second girl in the recent photos. yes. Her name is Miao and this is her first video with us. She panics a lot easier than Bunny. you will see....

This video is also a collaboration with Bunny. For the first time, she becomes the "operator"

Miao is in her favourite straightjacket. I put tap all over her head to seal her in. she then was put in the rubber mask that Bunny often use. Bunny and I play with her breath from time to time. 

We later move Miao onto the bed. I bound her had behind her with her own nylons. I then put the nylons over her head and put a collar on her. the collar has a lock so she cannot open herself. she starts panicking almost right away. She tries hard to reach the collar to open it but the lock prevents her from doing so. She screams and screech
and flapping hard on the bed。 She struggles so hard that she eventually dropped off the bed. 

Not bad for her first time.

Please follow me on Fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Gasmask and Vacuum - An extra long video this time!!

Bunny put on a rubber mask herself and I bound her with ropes so she can't move. I then added a gas mask on her, makes her harder to breathe. 

I then put a plastic bag on top of her gas mask and used a heat gun to shrink wrap her into the bag. As the bag start sticking to her air inlet she starts struggling for air. 

At last, I put her into a vacuum bag and vacuum the air out.

Thank you for your support. please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling

    Bunny Mummified to the post - Last time bunny was tied to the post, she thinks it was not tight enough, so this time I fully mummified her onto the post. She screams so hard that I think our neighbor is going to complain.

fist I use plastic wrap her body to the post, then i apply the tape. The tap is very strong and tight it presses on bunny\'s chest so it makes it hard for her to breath. 

I fully seal her head leaving only the breathing hole. I use some wet towel to do some waterboarding. She screams very hard but can\'t do anything to stop me.

I then seal her breath with the same tape. She tries to get free but the tape is too strong. She can only endure the suffering.

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Bunny getting baged - In this clip, Bunny is gets bound while getting Bagged

short clip for a lower price.

Thank you for your support for studio bling

to see more pictures and content, please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling

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