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Gas Mask





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    Kinky Clothes
    Breathless in Swimsuit
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    Studio Bling - Breathless in Swimsuit

    Clip Description

    Bunny is put into a swimsuit and cuffs.

    I put some stocking on her and start spaying some water onto her. I might get carried away and spay too much water on her. she starts coughing become of too much water and she can't breathe.

    I then put a latex hood on her to play a little.

    Then she goes into the vacuum bed. I gave her a vibe so she can play with herself when she is in it.

    lots of fun seeing benny struggle for air

    Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Clip Duration:      33 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4506.05 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Studio Bling - Breathless in Swimsuit

    Studio Bling - Breathless in Swimsuit

    Studio Bling - Breathless in Swimsuit

    Studio Bling - Breathless in Swimsuit

    Studio Bling - Breathless in Swimsuit

    Studio Bling - Breathless in Swimsuit

    For Kinky Clothing, Gear and Toys Visit
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    Bunny total Seal UP - Recently I bought a bunch of taps. it's time to try them on Bunny.

This time We also use some special lighting for the scene.

Bunny is bound to the post, her hand is stick tight to the post so she can't do anything. I first stick some tap on her so she has a hard time to breath. I started ticking her leg. She tries to get away but she cannot do anything.

I then put plastic wrap over her head and put some extra tap on her. she struggles a lot to  breath and get free

At last, I told her the shooting is over, but use tape to block her breath. she panicked and try to get the tap off.

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Gasmask and Vacuum - An extra long video this time!!

Bunny put on a rubber mask herself and I bound her with ropes so she can't move. I then added a gas mask on her, makes her harder to breathe. 

I then put a plastic bag on top of her gas mask and used a heat gun to shrink wrap her into the bag. As the bag start sticking to her air inlet she starts struggling for air. 

At last, I put her into a vacuum bag and vacuum the air out.

Thank you for your support. please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling

    Extreme Zentai Gasmask Breathplay - Bunny is put into a zentai suit and gas mask. She was pushed to her limit at the end.

I first put a plastic bag on her and put the gas mask over her head.

Later I put a mouth gag on her, it was so deep she chock on it. I keep pushing it in her mouth even she screams "stop!! stop!! it hurts."

At last, I put the gas make on her and put a breathing bag on the end of the tube. She struggles so hard that the sofa actually broke at the end.

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

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