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    Breathing Through Bubble Tea Straw
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    Studio Bling - Breathing Through Bubble Tea Straw

    Clip Description

    One night Bunny is drinking Bubble tea, and we have an idea! what if we use the bubble tea straw to sustain breath? Let's start the experiment.

    originally want to mummify her whole body but the tape ran out. Ends up doing the four limbs only.

    Under the K9 position, Bunny gets to walk around and getting vibed. the straw cannot sustain her breath. Her breathing gets heavier and heavier. I block her air more and more.

    Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Clip Duration:      42 minutes
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    mp4654.73 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Studio Bling - Breathing Through Bubble Tea Straw

    Studio Bling - Breathing Through Bubble Tea Straw

    Studio Bling - Breathing Through Bubble Tea Straw

    Studio Bling - Breathing Through Bubble Tea Straw

    Studio Bling - Breathing Through Bubble Tea Straw

    Studio Bling - Breathing Through Bubble Tea Straw

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    Bunny total Seal UP - Recently I bought a bunch of taps. it's time to try them on Bunny.

This time We also use some special lighting for the scene.

Bunny is bound to the post, her hand is stick tight to the post so she can't do anything. I first stick some tap on her so she has a hard time to breath. I started ticking her leg. She tries to get away but she cannot do anything.

I then put plastic wrap over her head and put some extra tap on her. she struggles a lot to  breath and get free

At last, I told her the shooting is over, but use tape to block her breath. she panicked and try to get the tap off.

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Kigurumi Breathplay - We got a new Kigurumi mask,trying it on with Bunny

She is in a cute dress and has the Kigurumi mask on. I start putting a bag on her and play with her breath.

I later shrinkwrap the bag to her making her hard to breathe. Put her hand behind her and lock the cuff.

Finally, I take her Kigurumi mask off and reveal whats behind the hood. Check it out!

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Bunny Mummified to the post - Last time bunny was tied to the post, she thinks it was not tight enough, so this time I fully mummified her onto the post. She screams so hard that I think our neighbor is going to complain.

fist I use plastic wrap her body to the post, then i apply the tape. The tap is very strong and tight it presses on bunny\'s chest so it makes it hard for her to breath. 

I fully seal her head leaving only the breathing hole. I use some wet towel to do some waterboarding. She screams very hard but can\'t do anything to stop me.

I then seal her breath with the same tape. She tries to get free but the tape is too strong. She can only endure the suffering.

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Miaos extreme breathplay struggle - This time Miao undergo some breathplay she never tries before.

Full body bondage with silk is very fun. the feeling of silk makes Miao feel very comfortable. of course, I cant just let Miao feel comfortable. I put a bag over her and watch her struggle for breath.

I then put Miao into bondage and put a large size plastic bag over her. I then taped her up. Seeing her breathing the remaining air in the bag. It is very erotic. She begs me to release her.

The last part is really good. I put Miao into a vacuum bag. I purposely left some air for her to breath. when she wants to get out, I then suck all the air out. She struggles so hard that she fell off the bed.

a must see.

Please follow me on Fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    fulllength clip Bunny in latex straight jacket - My first full-length clip!

Bunny is in a latex straight jacket and bound. First I put a ball gag onto her. The gag is so big that she choked on it couple times. I then start vibing her.

I then changed the gag and put a gas mask on her. 

some slapping and whipping make her breathing heavier and heavier.

at last, I put a letter hood on her and shove her into a suitcase. then it's time to ship her out. how long can she last in it?

special!!! reduced price!

follow me on fetlife for more pictures @StudioBling

    Miao Bound on the Table - Love the moaning from Miao. This time I bound Miao to the table and play with her.
I use different gags on her while listening to her scream and moan.
At last, I full her mouth with cloth and taped her with duck tape.
Miao is still new to breathplay so she is more scared of breathplay.
She struggle is a must see. At the end, she seems giving up struggling.

Please follow me on Fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Extreme Latex breathplay - Latex suit had finally arrived! let's test it on Bunny

Extra long video with Bunny been push to the limit several times.

Bunny is in full latex and latex hood. I chained her to the railing and put a bag on her. I waited a while for her breath to get heavy. I then use the blow dryer to shink her bag so it sticks to her mask. Now her air is totally cut off. 

Next, I put her into the walk-in closet. A gas mask is put on her. I then bound her hand behind her back and play with her breath. I attached a rebreathing bag to the hose. she struggles to shake it off and screaming in the process.

At last, its time to do some water play. She is forced into the water and chocked on water everytime. she struggles so hard that the tap broke off.

A must see!

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Bunny Latex in Hot spring - One of our friends invited us to a hot spring resort. I couldn't resist the temptation of play with Bunny in latex at the resort. So I ask her to change to full latex and we start playing.

we started in the room where I ask her to put on the kigurumi mask and play put a bag on her. I let her play with herself until she needs air.

Then put a rubber hood on her and bound her hand to her back. A vacuum hood then is been placed on her. I am still not satisfied so I put the kigurumi mask on top of her vacuum hood. she screams for air but I won't let her have it. I later put a belt on her hood that makes it harder to breathe. She then screams harder for air.

It's time for the hot spring. I lower her into the hot spring and make her put on a gas mask. I later connect a tube so she can start sucking in water. 

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Miao turns into Dog - Since this is the year of the dog. Miao becomes a cute puppy.

Normally doggy Miao uses a mask to hide her true identity, but in front of her master, she turns into a dog

to make her become a complete dog, I inserted a tail on her. now she can wiggle her tail to show her love for her master.

I then put her into the cage with a plastic bag on her head. she tries very hard taking it off but her doggy hand cannot do anything

finally, I gag her and put a plastic bag on her and start vibing her. her helpless face is a great site to be seen.

Please follow me on Fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

    Bunny Multiple Layer Breathplay - This time Bunny is in Zentai!

Bunny looks very sexy in her new bondage gear. The only thing missing is some bondage hood to restrict her breathing.

I first put a rubber good on her. If you see our previous clip you will know how bunny "like" the hood. right away it makes her hard to breathe. I then layered another mask on her. and another bondage hood right after, now bunny is in 4 layers of masks!

I still think it is not enough so I put the gas mask on her and connected the hose. Now she starts to panic. I play with her a while and put the breathing bag on the other end. let's see how long she can take it. 

Please follow me on fetlife @StudioBling for more photos and content

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