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    019 Dash Pleasure by slavery
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    AoroMasay - 019 Dash Pleasure by slavery

    Clip Description

    A new series with Dash, where she enjoys what the coach is doing with her. She closes her eyes and lets him do everything underwater with her. Their entertainment is becoming more and more dangerous. And the trainer and Dash like this.

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
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    mp4792.69 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    AoroMasay - 019 Dash Pleasure by slavery

    AoroMasay - 019 Dash Pleasure by slavery

    AoroMasay - 019 Dash Pleasure by slavery

    AoroMasay - 019 Dash Pleasure by slavery

    AoroMasay - 019 Dash Pleasure by slavery

    AoroMasay - 019 Dash Pleasure by slavery

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    Marsy Play and punishment - The coach ordered to collect different items on the bottom of the pool. Marcy tried very hard, she knew that the coach could punish her if she was too long. But no matter how hard she tries, she will be punished because the coach likes to torment Marcy. She is tied with ropes, thrown to the bottom and left there. Naked Marcy is beautiful when she is tortured.

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