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    Kinky Clothes
    Agitation from strangulation 2
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    Ban on breathing - Agitation from strangulation 2

    Clip Description

    She likes her clothes. He likes to strangle himself in a hood.

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
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    mp4534.97 MB

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    Ban on breathing - Agitation from strangulation 2

    Ban on breathing - Agitation from strangulation 2

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    Hard strangulation - Tied up and pants at first with one package. And then on top of another tight package.

    Plastic pleasure - Julia likes to be in plastic. She likes his warmth. Especially when she puts on a bag on her head and strangles herself with a soft belt around her neck.

    Tied and strangled - I asked myself to tie myself and watch me gasp. She did well. Really, there was not enough air.

    Strangle me - I came home and I wanted to get a blue bag and get strangled.

    Julia likes to suffocate - Julia just came home from work and immediately asked her to strangle. I've been dreaming about it all day. Gets great pleasure from strangulation and masturbation.

    Package and hood on the head and strangle - Real strangulation, there will be very little air. Julia is in a panic.

    Agitation from strangulation - She likes her clothes. He likes to strangle himself in a hood.

    In masturbation in the package - Julia watched the movie at night and excitement suddenly came to her. But she did not feel like masturbating. She took out the package and put it on her head. I tied it tightly around my neck and began to enjoy it. 5 minutes of self-humiliation you like.

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