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    SALE The Ventilator Chair Part 1of2
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    Dart_Tech Studios - SALE The Ventilator Chair Part 1of2

    Clip Description


    In this video, Elise Graves is given a shot at revenge on Dart_Tech from him taking her air so many times! This is finally her chance to use the ventilator.

    She straps him down tight in the SeriousBondage Chair for the first time and further immobilizes his hands and feet for good measure.

    From there, she has her way with him by hooking up his cock to electrodes and rubbing her hands over his body teasing him. She hooks up a oxygen monitor and slowly starts to bring the ventilator down restricting his breath further and further but suddenly speeds it up causing him to hyperventilate, but this is just foreplay as the real fun begins in Part 2, which is soon to come when she decided to take him even lower!

    Is she going to show mercy?

    Or push him even harder?

    Clip Duration:      32 minutes
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    mp4965.82 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Dart_Tech Studios - SALE The Ventilator Chair Part 1of2

    Dart_Tech Studios - SALE The Ventilator Chair Part 1of2

    Dart_Tech Studios - SALE The Ventilator Chair Part 1of2

    Dart_Tech Studios - SALE The Ventilator Chair Part 1of2

    Dart_Tech Studios - SALE The Ventilator Chair Part 1of2

    Dart_Tech Studios - SALE The Ventilator Chair Part 1of2

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    SALE DartVac - Preview:

Elise Graves likes her men stuck. No better way to be restrained in a thick layer of skin-tight latex.

Once Dart_Tech is vacuum-packed in the Vacbed, Elise goes to town with an electrified anal plug and a breath control valve, all while sexually tormenting and teasing Dart_Tech to her sadistic enjoyment.

She orgasms hard...but does he?

    SALE Stand Up Straight - Preview:

Elise Graves wants to go about helping Dart_Tech out with his bad posture.

A posture collar, corset and armbinder, locked into a headbox, he cant move and is as ridged as a board.

Then she decides to have some CBT fun since she has him right where she wants him!

How long can he last?

    Step On It - Preview:

Its time that Elise Graves wants to push herself.

Dart_Tech was happy to help and got her strapped down in the tight bondage chair with a gas mask on. He hooks it up to an electric valve and then to a foot-switch and places it under her foot.

Elise has to hold her foot down on the foot-switch to keep the air going. This is complicated by being tickled and vibrated though many breathing, and non-breathing orgasms. Its complicated even more due to the valve taking 3 seconds to fully open or close.

A bubbler bottle is used to help show when shes breathing.

How hard can she push herself?

    SALE The Ventilator Chair Part 2of2 - Preview:

This is when things really get intense! Elise decides that Dart_Tech should take the plunge and slowly reduces his air to minimal levels. She also turns up the electricity while stroking his nice hard cock relentlessly, causing his breathing to pick up. His pulse skyrockets.

Dart_Tech hopes for a release from the agony.

Will he get one?

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