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    Kinky Clothes
    Dont Forget To Squeeze
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    Dart_Tech Studios - Dont Forget To Squeeze

    Clip Description


    Poor Tai. Tai Crimson made the mistake as volunteering to be a painslut, and she wasn't disappointed.

    In this video Dart_Tech and Elise Graves team up in suffocating and torturing Tai. Tai is forced to push though zaps to her breasts and girlcock, as well as all her oxygen being stopped at any moment as the bag tightens around her head. When she can breathe, she has to breathe Elise Graves piss as well as her own ass. She also has to pump her own air. To make matters worse Dart_Tech takes the liberty of zapping her with a TaZapper and Cattle prod as she bounces around on the bench.

    Could Tai take any more?

    Clip Duration:      28 minutes
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    mp4847.17 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Dart_Tech Studios - Dont Forget To Squeeze

    Dart_Tech Studios - Dont Forget To Squeeze

    Dart_Tech Studios - Dont Forget To Squeeze

    Dart_Tech Studios - Dont Forget To Squeeze

    Dart_Tech Studios - Dont Forget To Squeeze

    Dart_Tech Studios - Dont Forget To Squeeze

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    10 Seconds - Preview:

This is a short, but very intense video.

Elise Graves is restrained in a dental chair with a CPAP nasal mask on with her mouth tapped shut. She is then hooked up to a motorized valve that is controlled by a Laptop with breathplay software on it. Its set to 10 seconds on, and 10 seconds off. To make matters worse, Estim is attached to her breasts, and the software sends her random bursts of electricity when her air is on to distract her from taking a full breath.

What other possibility could this software be used for in the future?

    Advanced Respiratory Therapy - Preview:

Elise Graves undergoes intensive Respiratory Therapy at the hands of Dart_Tech via a ventilator and bag. 

She has to suck in the air from the ventilator before the blower sucks it out while trying to focus from stimulation from electricity, clothespins and various other methods.

Can she handle it?

    SALE DartVac - Preview:

Elise Graves likes her men stuck. No better way to be restrained in a thick layer of skin-tight latex.

Once Dart_Tech is vacuum-packed in the Vacbed, Elise goes to town with an electrified anal plug and a breath control valve, all while sexually tormenting and teasing Dart_Tech to her sadistic enjoyment.

She orgasms hard...but does he?

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