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    Kinky Clothes
    Office Slut Hanging
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    Asphyxia Club - Office Slut Hanging

    Clip Description

    New model! Be sure to support her videos so she can come back and film more!

    Four hangings from three different angles including an undershot. Over time she takes off different articles of clothing, until the naked final shot. She's tied up in three of the four hangings and she passes out in the last two!

    She loves being tied up and hanging. She also loves passing out, so be sure to look for her in future videos!

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
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    mp4317.47 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Asphyxia Club - Office Slut Hanging

    Asphyxia Club - Office Slut Hanging

    Asphyxia Club - Office Slut Hanging

    Asphyxia Club - Office Slut Hanging

    Asphyxia Club - Office Slut Hanging

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    Pink Hair School Girl Hanging - After the success of her previous video "Office Slut Hanging", Our dear friend decided to come back and give it another go! So many people requested for her to come back, how can we say no? She's a great air dancer and always down to have fun during a shoot.

In the first part, she hangs without her hands tied behind her back to get the hang of it again (pun intended). After that, she keeps her cute outfit on, but has her hands tied behind her back, the chair gets pulled out (by everyone favorite Asian Hanggirl), and hangs until she passes out. In the third part, she's stripped down to her underwear, long black socks, and zebra striped underwear to give us another little dance at the end of a rope.

This video also includes a full slow motion render at the end.

    White Sock Hanging - This is a custom video, specially requested, including black leggings, white ankle socks, a black sports bra, and a soft bag over her head! There are 4 hangings from three different angles, with a slow-motion render. The video comes out to just over 6 minutes in length.

In the first two parts, she keeps her whole outfit on, in the third part she removes her sports bra, and in the final part, she's wearing nothing but her white socks.

    Closet Naked - Three naked hangings from two different angles, including a slow motion render at the end!

In the first clip, her hands are tied behind her back . She dances on the end of her noose for a short time and then is let down.

After that she hangs and kicks holding herself up to try to catch some breath, but she is let down as her face turns red.

In the final part she hangs, holding herself up and kicking as she gasps for air.

    Asian Hooker Hanging in Red - Everyone\\\'s favorite Asian hang-girl strips off her outfit throughout the shoot, ending with her in the nude. She hangs 5 short times from two different angles, interlaced with slow-motion footage from a secondary camera.

We\\\'re going to make more videos in the near future, so be sure to email us any ideas for outfits at This videos theme was stripper/streetwalker.

Thank you!

    Party Slut Hanging In Black Socks - This video includes three hangings from three different angles. She takes her clothes off as the video goes on, she's tied up for every shot, and she passes out in every hanging. This video also includes a slow motion render at the end!

We just got back from a party and she was looking especially cute, so I thought it would be a great time to make a video. I love it when she's all tied up, passing out, and air dancing for me. I had her leave her little black socks on through the whole thing. Hanging a girl with her socks on is a great time for everyone!

Thank you so much for your generous support. We'll be back again soon with another video. I think we're going to stick with a two-video a week schedule!

    Asian Stripper Hanging in Clear Heels - Four short hangings from three different angles, including slow-mo footage at the end. This clip is a little less than five minutes long, and she slowly takes off her clothes. By the end of it, she\\\\\\\'s swinging naked. After the second hanging she takes off her clear heals to reveal her dirty soles.

Many thanks to everyone who has purchased our previous clips. Over time we want to make longer, better videos, and your purchases go directly to making that happen.

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