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    Kinky Clothes
    The Chair Blow Job It Is Me This Time
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    Bagging and VacBed Videos - The Chair Blow Job  It Is Me This Time

    Clip Description

    In this clip, I'm bound to a chair, having my air supply dictated by software. I watch timers count down, having my air blocked for upwards of 70 seconds. Then, for the last five minutes, I receive a blow job until I cum. The twist is that she wears a PVC hood with a 1/2" hole as her only way to breath. As I become harder and bigger, the hole completely closes, but when I cum, she cannot remove her mouth. You will clearly see the hood expand and collapse on her head as I cum. She is in agony, but doesn't pull out.

    Some details about the software. After the "no-air" phase, you may see "bonus" of 30 seconds. This keeps the air valve closed, but when the screen goes green, I can make a noise, which releases the air valve. During my orgasm, I make a noise, but not loud enough, and by this time, I am in DESPERATE need of air, which only prolongs my orgasm.

    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
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    mp4311.58 MB

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    Bagging and VacBed Videos - The Chair Blow Job  It Is Me This Time

    Bagging and VacBed Videos - The Chair Blow Job  It Is Me This Time

    Bagging and VacBed Videos - The Chair Blow Job  It Is Me This Time

    Bagging and VacBed Videos - The Chair Blow Job  It Is Me This Time

    Bagging and VacBed Videos - The Chair Blow Job  It Is Me This Time

    Bagging and VacBed Videos - The Chair Blow Job  It Is Me This Time

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    The Chair  1 - My slut sits in a chair, bound and hooded, with a breathing pipe connected to an air valve which is opened/closed by software.  She breathes ONLY when the software permits, and the software doesn't care for her welfare.  The safe-word is "RED" which she eventually succumbs to using, but only after over 12 minutes of agony.  There are several moments of pure panic, where she considered using the safe word, but then decided trying to endure.

    Breathless Secretary Orgasm - My secretary has a bad habit of taking breaks while on the job, and playing with herself.

    Breathless Orgasm - A slut, dressed in PVC panties and a PVC top, is masturbated using a Hitachi until she cums.

    Schoolgirl Orgasm 1 - We see a schoolgirl who is trapped inside a large PVC bag with the air removed, but with an air supply coming from a breathing pipe attached to a PVC bag, which is securely fastened around her neck.  She receives an Hitachi on her pussy to cum four times, while I block her only way to breath.  At one point, the breathing connector ends up under her chin, and she is unable to get air, so I must intervene to avoid a bad situation.  She panics twice during this time.

    Vacuum Orgasm In Chair - My slut is vacuumed in a large red PVC bag, while siting on a chair, with her hands bound behind her back. I then apply a Hitachi to her naughty bits to give her one hell of an orgasm.

    Four Minutes In Hell - My slut is tied to a chair, with a bag securely tied over her head.  She is then connected to a re-breather bag, and when she asks for air, I deny her in the most maniacal way.  She spends over three minutes without fresh air.

    Cheerleader Orgasms - My slut is a cheerleader in a serious predicament. She has a PVC bag over her head with a breathing tube, entirely encased in a large PVC body bag, with a Hitachi causing havoc over her nether region. At certain opportune moments, I block the breathing tube to her distress.

    Vacbed Insanity - Here's something you don't see everyday. The girl is wearing a PVC bag, secured around her neck loose enough to allow air to escape. An air pipe supplies her with JUST enough air to breath, but towards the end, I turn it off. She has multiple orgasms, each of which cause her to need more and more air, which gets more and more difficult.

    Bagging Of Religious Proportions - I'm held captive by an insane nun who's hellbent on having me repent for my sins.  She first puts me into ten minutes of hell, where software controls my ability to breath, causing me frequent panics and struggles, close to black out.  She then gives me a long blow job for my salvation.

    Dread The Red - A slut is trapped in a very tight red PVC envelope and only able to do the thing she likes best... masturbate!  She can barely breath, and almost ends up cancelling the shoot mid-way because of the conflict between having an orgasm, or passing out.

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