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    Bagging and VacBed Videos - Seven Minutes In Hell

    Clip Description

    A test of endurance, where she almost freaks out, wearing a PVC bra, top, panties, and pants, while I restrict her air using a rebreather bag, then completely block it using a clip, and then just as she is about to freak out, I give her a reprieve, but then I suck all the air out of the bag after she exhales, leaving her with VERY limited re-breathing capabilities until she can't take it anymore.

    Clip Duration:      7 minutes
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    mp4133.34 MB

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    Bagging and VacBed Videos - Seven Minutes In Hell

    Bagging and VacBed Videos - Seven Minutes In Hell

    Bagging and VacBed Videos - Seven Minutes In Hell

    Bagging and VacBed Videos - Seven Minutes In Hell

    Bagging and VacBed Videos - Seven Minutes In Hell

    Bagging and VacBed Videos - Seven Minutes In Hell
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    Vacbed Insanity - Here's something you don't see everyday. The girl is wearing a PVC bag, secured around her neck loose enough to allow air to escape. An air pipe supplies her with JUST enough air to breath, but towards the end, I turn it off. She has multiple orgasms, each of which cause her to need more and more air, which gets more and more difficult.

    Four Minutes In Hell - My slut is tied to a chair, with a bag securely tied over her head.  She is then connected to a re-breather bag, and when she asks for air, I deny her in the most maniacal way.  She spends over three minutes without fresh air.

    The Chair  1 - My slut sits in a chair, bound and hooded, with a breathing pipe connected to an air valve which is opened/closed by software.  She breathes ONLY when the software permits, and the software doesn't care for her welfare.  The safe-word is "RED" which she eventually succumbs to using, but only after over 12 minutes of agony.  There are several moments of pure panic, where she considered using the safe word, but then decided trying to endure.

    Bagging Play 2 - If you think having a PVC bag secured over your head is bad, just wait until it is secured with a open face mask, and your tormenter stands there and watches you squirm and try to suck air through the tiny leaks that begin to close as the PVC becomes hotter and moister.

    Breathless Secretary Orgasm - My secretary has a bad habit of taking breaks while on the job, and playing with herself.

    Breath Play with Rain Jacket Hood - A rabidly horny slut, bound to a chair, is treated to intense breath-play by fastening the hood of a clear PVC rain jacket to her face and around her neck, which at first is not so bad, but as it heats up, it becomes softer, and begins to stick to her mouth and nose.  I am able to help her, but I do the opposite by holding it tighter to her face, making the environment harsher, and way more erotic.

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