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    Kinky Clothes
    TheOnlyJ Extreme Breathplay in Latex Mask
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    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - TheOnlyJ Extreme Breathplay in Latex Mask

    Clip Description

    Protagonist: THEONLY-J

    This video is shooted with TheOnly-J !

    She is wearing a shiny PVC leotard and a transparent latex hood! What a fantastic outfit.
    In this video we play with a very hard latex mask! The mask is made of black latex applied on a rubber oval of the size of the face fixed on the head with a system of belts ... Really extreme!
    TheOnly-J is lying in the whirlpool, her hands are tied with ziptie to the handle of the tub...

    The game is so simple:
    2 times hooded in full frame shot
    2 times hooded in half-body framing
    2 times hooded in close-up shot

    TheOnly-J is superb! At each test the time that will have to wait before being able to breathe again increases with her anxiety!

    Shoot in FULL HD Video
    Good Fun!

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4526.02 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - TheOnlyJ Extreme Breathplay in Latex Mask

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - TheOnlyJ Extreme Breathplay in Latex Mask

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - TheOnlyJ Extreme Breathplay in Latex Mask

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - TheOnlyJ Extreme Breathplay in Latex Mask

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - TheOnlyJ Extreme Breathplay in Latex Mask

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - TheOnlyJ Extreme Breathplay in Latex Mask

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Protagonist: TheOnly-J

TheOnly-J is naked, hands handcuffed behind her back, chairtied with saran wrap and a pvc collar tight around her throat. 

On her head? A black silicone swimcap! 

Interesting when she tries to free herself because she can not breathe!

Shooted in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!

    Liltha Plastic Bag Extreme Breathplay - Protagonist: Liltha

We shoot this set in an hotel room with changing color led light! Intresting location. Liltha wears a shiny black dress in very thin material! It looks like a second skin that wraps her body. Stunning!

The session is composed by 3 events with clear plastic bag.

First event: With a blue light Liltha is standing in the shower, hands cuffed behind the back, ankles tied with a ziptie and bag sealed on the head with a ziptie. It takes time to reach her in the shower and let her breathe again.

Second event: With a violet light Liltha is kneeling, hands tied to the ankle and transparent bag on the head sealed with a ziptie on the neck

Third event: With white light Liltha is tied to the wardrobe bar with ziptie. 3 transparent bags will be sealed on her head! The first bag sealed with tape, when she is at the limit a small hole to breathe and away with the second bag sealed with a leather strips, when she is at the limit a hole to get air and immediately the 3 bag over the other two sealed with ziptie. After removing all 3 bags some game with the tight ziptie on Liltha's neck ...

In this session you will see Liltha in trouble ... So exciting!

Shoot in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!

    Black Tape Head Mummification - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

TheOnly-J is wearing a red shiny PVC catsuit.
As an option we have a glass anal plug and a vagina vibrating egg with wireless remote control!

Her hands are tied on the armrests of the chair using cabletie, her head wrapped in saranwrap.

The highlight of the video is black electrician's tape! It will be used to run a mummification of the TheOnly-J head of course without leaving any opening for air!

Will be fun to see her try to breathe, get some air with the removal of the portion of the tape that covers the nose and then close all again!

Shoot in FULL HD Video!
Good Fun !

    Kri First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: Kri

Kri is a very sweet girl and in this session is at her first breathplay experience.
It has been explained to her what breathplay is but now she will try in person what it means to remain completely without air and not be able to free herself.

She is wearing a shiny dark red latex minidress, inresting outfit! A pair of handcuff to tie her hands behind her back and here we go!

The game is with plastic bag! You can see many bagging from different shooting angles:
transparent plastic closed first with ziptie, then with hands. Some try with air in bag, some with plastic very tight to the face.
Other with Yellow semitransparent big bag. Some tests with the bag put without she waiting for it.

A really interesting thing is that when Kri is without air she start to make short and quick breaths. 
It was really nice to hesitate to give her air and enjoy these breaths...

Shoot in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!

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