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    Kinky Clothes
    Stella Vacuum Bag Breathplay
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    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Vacuum Bag Breathplay

    Clip Description

    Protagonist: Stella

    Stella is wearing black pvc tight trouser and black pvc top! She is shining in this outfit!

    In this session we experience a giant transparent plastic bag from which we will suck the air with a vacuum pump. Wow!

    The first event is with Stella sitting on a chair, her hands handcuffed behind her back. The giant bag contains both Stella and the chair and the air is sucked out. To close the first event the bag is closed on stella neck with hands.

    The second event sees Stella lying on the bed, her hands cuffed behind her back. The bag contains all her body and the air will be sucked out and returned to the bag several times! Wonderful effect when the plastic completely adheres to the whole body of Stella trying to breathe!

    Given the result we are sure that we will soon see more videos with the vacuum pump!

    Shoot in FULL HD Video.
    Good Fun.

    Clip Duration:      21 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4197.65 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Vacuum Bag Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Vacuum Bag Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Vacuum Bag Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Vacuum Bag Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Vacuum Bag Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Vacuum Bag Breathplay

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    Numa Red And Black Breathplay - Potagonist: Numa

Numa is wearing red shiny pvc leggings and black pvc hoodie. Great outfit for playing! The session start with Numa who walk around the room to show you her PVC curves.

In this session we play with: nylon fixing straps, red swimcap, transparent plastic bag.

First event: Numa is standing. Four fixing straps are used to immobilize her to the bookcase. Red swimming cap is used over her head for several time. Great game!

Second event: Numa crawl from library to a suitcase holder. She lies on the suitcase holder and her wrists are ziptied .A transparent plastic bag is placed over her head and sealed with stockings. During the game a hole is placed on bag and sealed with hand.

Numa will try to break free but the only thing she can do is wait to receive air ...

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Stella Bedtied Extreme Swimcap Breathplay - Protagonist: Stella

Stella is wearing a semitransparent smoke latex leggings and a PVC black top. She is stunning in this oufit! The session start with a short dance for you. Then Stella is bedtied with nylon laces and ziptie.

In this session we use two thin swimcap. This is a very extreme session for Stella! In the first part (grey swimcap) we use a safegesture to communicate that she need air. In the second part (yellow swimcap) stella entrusts MadForPlastic with the decision to remove the swimcap when he wishes.

Obviously MadForPlastic will not let a unique opportunity like this one escape, bringing Stella in search of the limit. Most of the time the yellow cap will be raised to allow Stella a short breath and then promptly closed again. The last swimcap is with Stella's hand handcuffed behind her back when she is on the bed.

Very intense session... Not to be missed!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun.

    Kri First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: Kri

Kri is a very sweet girl and in this session is at her first breathplay experience.
It has been explained to her what breathplay is but now she will try in person what it means to remain completely without air and not be able to free herself.

She is wearing a shiny dark red latex minidress, inresting outfit! A pair of handcuff to tie her hands behind her back and here we go!

The game is with plastic bag! You can see many bagging from different shooting angles:
transparent plastic closed first with ziptie, then with hands. Some try with air in bag, some with plastic very tight to the face.
Other with Yellow semitransparent big bag. Some tests with the bag put without she waiting for it.

A really interesting thing is that when Kri is without air she start to make short and quick breaths. 
It was really nice to hesitate to give her air and enjoy these breaths...

Shoot in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!

    Kri Swimcap Breathplay Chairtied - Protagonist: Kri

In this session Kri is wearing a shiny and tight purple latex dress. Her body squeezed in latex is fanastic.
A small latex show just for you, kri sits down, her wrists ziptied tight to the chair and here we go!
The game is with swimcap! 
First game is with blue swimcap shooted in closeups. Swimcap over all head, when she is breathless some waiting... a breath and the swimcap down again.
The second game is ever with the blue swimcap but shoot full frame (2 times swimcapped)
The last game is with super thin yellow swimcap! You can see Kri face while trying to breathe through the swimcap! (2 times swimcapped)
At every test Kri will have to wait more and more to breathe again! Her reactions to the lack of air are to be seen absolutely!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.

Good Fun!

    Transparent Latex Hood No Holes  Try To Ask Air - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

TheOnly-J is naked, sitting on the bed with her hands tied behind her back. This session is played with a transparent latex hood WITH NO HOLES!

TheOnly-J tries to breathe but with every breath the latex adheres to her face...

In the final I seal the latex hood clutching her neck with one hand ...

I would say that the air I let breathe TheOnly-J before tightening the neck is definitely little ...

Good Fun!

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