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    Kinky Clothes
    Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay
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    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay

    Clip Description

    Protagonist: STELLA

    Stella is one of the best breathplayers... The time has come for a countdown!
    She is wearing a shiny red PVC dress! She is perfect!!!

    The countdown session is with transparent plastic bag.

    First event: We are using a pair of leather leggings to lock Stella's arms behind her back. Bag over head and the game start.
    Second event: Sit down on the bed, hands handcuffed behind her back and bag placed over head.
    Third event: Lying on the bed and her hands are tied behind her back.
    Last event: Stella is sit down on th bed in front of camera with hands tied behind her back.

    During the session Stella will not always be able to reach the resistance time set by Mad. Her reactions? Wiggle, kick and try to break free. The record? 3.35 plus a few seconds after the countdown bell.

    Shoot in FULL HD Video.
    Good Fun!

    Clip Duration:      21 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4173.77 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Stella Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay

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    Wailenth First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: Wailenth

Wailenth is at her first breathplay experience! We love first time! She also has got cold...
The session begins by showing you the outfit consisting of a yellow rubber raincoat, silver pvc leggings and black pvc top. Interesting
Wailenth is chair tied hands and ankles with ziptie.

The session includes 3 different tests:

1 - Transparent plastic bag with mouth spreader over the bag.
2 - Black plastic bag with mouth spreader over the bag.
3 - Black plastic bag stuck in throat, ziptie to keep it in place and nose clip to cut off air.

We can say that to be the first time we did not go delicate ... Do not miss Wailenth's reactions to what is happening!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    TheOnlyJ Plastic Bag Countdown Breathplay REMASTERED - Protagonist: TheOnly-J

TheOnly-J is sitting cross-legged, wearing a shiny PVC catsuit. Her hands are handcuffed and the handcuffs are tied to the ankles, a clear plastic bag sealed over her head using a leather strips! 

The Vid is divided in two session:
First one: countdown from 6.00 minutes set on the iPad but J can not do it... After a while of panic i free her...
Second one: countdown from 3.00 minutes set on the iPad. At the end of countdown "J" goes on... I remove the bag after another 2.40 minutes for a total of 5.40 minutes !!!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Gitsie Dungeon Plastic Heavy Breathplay - Protagonist: GITSIE

Gitsie wears a black latex mini dress for you. Shiny and tight like a second skin! Beautiful! The session takes place in a dungeon and Gitsie is ziptied to a bondage bench. Breaking free is impossible!

In this session are used: silicone ball mouth gag and two different transparent plastic bags: in the first two events the bag is larger in the last two smaller.

The bags are sealed first with a zip tie then using the hands and, without interruption, sealed with a leather tie. The game is really tough in this session! Gitsie's reactions are really intense as she is pushed to the limit.

In this session we also introduce a time counter. You will see a timer that marks 2.42 minutes of resistance and one that marks a countdown with the small bag.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Consuelo First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: Consuelo

Consuelo is at her first Breathplay experience. She is wearing black shiny PVC catsuit. Stunning in this outfit!

For her first session we use transparent plastic bag.

In the first event, Consuelo is sitting on a piece of furniture, she is handcuffed behind her back, the bag is lowered onto her head and sealed on neck with electrician's tape.

In the second event the dynamics are the same as the first. It differs only because is close-up shoot and the bag is sealed with a nylon strap.

In the last event Consuelo is hogtied and the bag is sealed on her head first time with a yellow ziptie and then closed several times by hand.

For each new trial, the time that Consuelo will have to wait before she can breathe again increases. Hers reactions to the lack of air are fantastic! From the struggle to resignation to the fact that she will receive fresh air only when Mad decides.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Daphne First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: Daphne

This is Daphne first breathplay experience! We love girls's first time!
She is wearing a shiny black pvc catsuit! The session start, as always, with a walk to show you her beautiful body tight in the catsuit... Lovely!

In this session we use plastic bags!

First event: Lying, her hands tied to the head of the bed with ziptie, a transparent bag on her head sealed with a leather lace

Second event: Sitting on the bed, her hands ziptied to the bed, a transparent bag on her head sealed with adhesive tape.

Last event: Lying with hands handcuffed behind her back. Yellow semitransparent placed on her head several times closed in several ways...

If we consider that it is her first time it is impressive how long Daphne resists sealed in plastic and how much she struggle for air without getting it!
Spectacular session! It will be interesting to look for the limit of this beautiful girl also in the next videos.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Stella Latex Breathplay In Shiny Red - Protagonist: Stella

Another fantastic Stella's session! She is wearing a red shiny pvc leotard and a shiny red pvc leggings! Wow! As we like, during the session, she will show her wonderful curves wrapped in PVC.

To cut off air in this session we use: red swimcap and black latex mask.

In the first event Stella is standing on the bed, wrists tied with yellow nylon straps to the bed frame, red swimcap lowered on the face. Twice she will be given a breath and then lowered the swimcap again.

In the second event she is kneeling on the bed, wrists handcuffed behind his back, handcuffs fastened with straps to the bed frame. The latex mask is sealed on her face. Even in this case she will be given a quick breath and then re-seal the mask for several times.

In the last event Stella is sitting on the bed, plastic film prevents her from using her hands and arms. Red swimcap lowered on the face several times.

In this session you will notice how much fun is to re-seal, both mask and swimcap, after that Stella has exhaled without waiting for she to have inhaled...

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Larissa First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: Larissa

Larisa is at her first breathplay experience! We love girl's first time!
She is wearing a black shiny latex dress! Fantastic outfit. A small walk to show you her latex body and the sesssion start!

We use a clear transparent plastic bag for this session!

First event: Larissa is on the bed after her little show and a plastic bag is placed over her head. Her hands aren't tied so she can get free not too easily.

Now Larissa have hands ziptied hard behind her back, ankle ziptied and a nylon snare to 
complete her hogtie!

Second event: Plastic bag closed with leather stip.

Third event: Plastic bag - close-up shooting - sealed with nylon ziptie.

Last event: Plastic bag sealed with hand hold on neck. This last event is very intresting! Larissa try to breathe slowly but soon the air in the bag ends. She starts to wriggle and gasp. For 5 times she is allowed to take only one breath and the bag is sealed again pushing her more and more...

Shoot in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!

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