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    Kinky Clothes
    Numa Plastic Bag Breathplay Return
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    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Plastic Bag Breathplay Return

    Clip Description

    Protagonist: NUMA

    Welcome back Numa! She wears a shiny red pvc catsuit that looks like a second skin. Must see her crawling on the bed.

    In this session: transparent plastic bag, lilac bag and oil filter wrench. With ratchet straps and zip ties she is crucified on the bed.

    In the first event a transparent plastic bag is secured over her head using a zip tie on neck.

    In the second event two transparent plastic bag (one over the other) are secured over her head with zip tie.

    In the third event a lilac plastic bag is secured over Numa's head using a oil filter wrench and then the bag is pressed against face.

    In the last event the oil filter wrench is tightened around Numa's neck strangling her.

    A particular session for the return of Numa !!
    Shoot in FULL HD Video.
    Good Fun!

    Clip Duration:      18 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4220.01 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Plastic Bag Breathplay Return

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Plastic Bag Breathplay Return

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Plastic Bag Breathplay Return

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Plastic Bag Breathplay Return

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Plastic Bag Breathplay Return

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Plastic Bag Breathplay Return

    For Kinky Clothing, Gear and Toys Visit
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    Stella Chairtied Exreme Rubber Breathplay - Protagonist: STELLA

This is another superlative Stella's performance! She is wering a black shiny PVC top and longuette. She is a dream!

In this session we use swimcap and smoke semitransparent latex sheet.

In the first part Stella is chairtied with ziptie. We use a silver swimcap on her head. So nice!

In the second part Stella is chairtied and Mad is sit down in front of her. The silver swimcap is placed over Stella's head and Mad admires what happend.
With the swimcap the games are easy: when Stella can't take it anymore Mad raises the swimcap, Stella inhales, exhales and immediately the cap is sealed without allowing a new inhale! This happens several times.

In the last part the latex sheet is sealed over Stella's head in different ways: leaving the space of a few breaths and then increasingly tighter.

The sounds of Stella breathing only rubber are wonderful.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Stella Extreme Bag Breathplay With Taped Hands - Protagonist: Stella

Stella's performances are a work of art! She is wearing a transparent purple plastic suit in two pieces, trousers and bolero.

In this session we experience a transparent plastic bag with taped hands. Intense...

First event: Stella lying on the floor, her hands handcuffed and a small transparent plastic bag ziptied over her head. Interesting start.

The second: Stella is sitting on a piece of furniture, a transparent plastic bag is sealed with black tape on her head, her hands are wrapped in adhesive tape.

Last event: Same as the previous one but the bolero is removed to show every single reaction of the magnificent Stella's body to this extreme event. 

From the expressions of her face and body you will understand that Stella is searching for her limits. Fantastic session!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun.

    Kelevra First Breathplay Experience Part 2 - Protagonist: KELEVRA KEILA

Can also find the FULL VIDEO of 20 minutes if you prefer.

This is our first breathplay with Kelevra. 
She is wearing a PVC shiny top and latex underpants. 

We use plastic bags for breathplay! Kelevra is bagged 3 times:

2 breathplay with blue plastic bag closed pulling behind her head while handcuffed to the bed.
Clear plastic bag closed with rope while hands ziptied to the ankles.

With the blue bag Kelevra goes in panic... Wow!

Shoot in FULL HD video.
Good Fun!

    Madeleine Blue Rubber Extreme Breathplay - Protagonist: MADELEINE

Another intresting session with Madeleine! She wears a pair of semi-transparent smoke latex leggings and a red pvc top. Beautiful!

In this session: blue rubber swimcap and blue latex sheet

In the first event Madeleine has hands and feet zip tied to a spreadbar. She has no chance to break free! A swimming cap will be repeatedly lowered to her face several times. She will moan and wriggle a lot ...

In the second event the feet are left tied to the spreader, while the hands are ziptied behind the back. The top is pulled off and the head wrapped several times in a semi-transparent blue latex sheet. Madeleine will complain a lot but to no avail. All that remains is to wait for her to be allowed to breathe again.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Gitsie Dungeon Plastic Heavy Breathplay - Protagonist: GITSIE

Gitsie wears a black latex mini dress for you. Shiny and tight like a second skin! Beautiful! The session takes place in a dungeon and Gitsie is ziptied to a bondage bench. Breaking free is impossible!

In this session are used: silicone ball mouth gag and two different transparent plastic bags: in the first two events the bag is larger in the last two smaller.

The bags are sealed first with a zip tie then using the hands and, without interruption, sealed with a leather tie. The game is really tough in this session! Gitsie's reactions are really intense as she is pushed to the limit.

In this session we also introduce a time counter. You will see a timer that marks 2.42 minutes of resistance and one that marks a countdown with the small bag.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

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