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    Kinky Clothes
    Numa Latex Hoods Breathplay
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    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Latex Hoods Breathplay

    Clip Description

    Protagonist: Numa

    Numa is wearign a stunning latex top and underwear, the perfect outfit for this session.

    She show you her latexed body on bed and then the session start. Her legs are saranwrapped and her wrists handcuffed behind the back.

    In this session we use 2 latex hoods.

    First event is with a hood built with the frame of a gas mask covered with latex. This mask is sealed over Numa's face for 3 times filmed from different angles and distances. Desperate and unsuccessful attempts by Numa to free herselves and breathe will fascinate you.

    Second event is with a black full head hood with transparent latex face area with a small breathing hole. It's so fun to close the hole, place a hand over numa's head and finnaly pull the hood on numa face by sealing the breathing hole. The hood is also sealed on neck with a ziptie. The games in this event are really intense.

    Shoot in FULL HD Video.
    Good Fun.

    Clip Duration:      21 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4217.13 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Latex Hoods Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Latex Hoods Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Latex Hoods Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Latex Hoods Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Latex Hoods Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Latex Hoods Breathplay

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    LovePain First Breathplay Experience - Proagonist: LovePain

LovePain is at her first breathplay experience! We love girls firt time.

She is weaing a shiny PVC orange dress. Very intresting outfit.

The session start with a small walk to show you her body in PVC dress. And now it starts!

In this session we try a lot of breathplay games: LovePain is chairtied with ziptie, the first game is with a plastic bag sealed with stocking. Then we use a nylon collar tight on neck, then pulling the collar and finally hand on neck. 

Next event is with a thin leather strip pulled very very tight on her neck (and something of intresting happend). The last event is with plastic bag closed with leather strip, a small hole to take a breath and hand over mouth to seal the hole. Finally bag sealed with hand on neck.

LovePain learn how hard the breathplay is! Her reactions to every test will satisfy you!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.

Good Fun!

    Stella Saranwrapped Body Breathplay - Protagonist: Stella

We are really happy that Stella is back with us. Needless to say, she did it the best as ever! She is wearing a transparent catsuit... A dream! The session starts with a few steps in front of the camera to show you her outfit...

In this session we use saranwrap, transparent small plastic bag and black plastic bag.

First event is with saranwrap. Stella's body is completely wrapped in plastic then she is seated in he bathtub. Her head will be saranwrapped several times. The last shot in the foreground.

Second event is with transparent plastic bag. The Stella's body is still saranwrapped, no way to escape. Now she is lying on the bed. This time a transparent plastic bag is placed on her head and sealed by hands.

Last event is with black plastic bag. Always saranwrapped a black plastic bag is sealed on her head with white tape.

Stella always tries to resist to the limit, obviously she will not receive air at the exact moment she asks for it! The expressions of her face in search of air are sublime.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun.

    Liltha Bagging In Panic - Protagonist: LILTHA

This is the second Liltha breath play experience! She is wearing skin-tight shiny latex lingerie, she is sitting on a the bed, her hands are handcuffed to a string tied to her thigh.

No way to keep the clear plastic bag away from her face!

We play 3 times with the clear plastic bag on her head: first closing it with hands behind, then with hands clasped around her neck and, at the end, with black scotch tape sealed on the neck. 

Her face turn really red when she try to breathe in panic!!

Shoot in FULL HD Video!
Good Fun!

    Kri Bedtied And Fingered Extreme Breathplay - Protagonist: Kri

Beautifoul Kri agreed to be touched during this breathplay session.

The session lasts 22 minutes and the camera is never stopped: no cut.

The session start with Kri wearing a shiny PVC catsuit, she salt on the bed, crawling up to her position. Her hands are firmly ziptied to the head of the iron bed...

The game is so easy: we play with vibrating dildo and with finger on her clitoris while a transparent plastic bag is sealed over her head.

The bag will be sealed 7 times... Kri has no chance to break free from her position, the only thing left to do is wait...
This session is really intense! The time in which Kri waits for her request for air to be heard increases from time to time.  

Absolutely must not miss!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun.

    Venere Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 2 - Protagonist: Venere

Venere is in a Dungeon, very intresting situation! She is wearing a shiny black long dress.
The upper part of the dress is lowered to show her breast. She is standing and her wrists are tied with ziptie to the chains fixed on iron poles. There is no way to untie herself.
In this session the games are: saranwrap and ziptie strangling!

First event: saran wrap over Venere torso and then over head... really fun to see her wiggling in search of air!
Second event: other saran wrap over saranwrapped head but this time close-up shooting.
Third event: hand over mouth of Venere saranwrapped head.
Last event: Very tight ziptie sealed over Venere neck. Her saranwrapped head is becoming really red and her gasping for strangling are so intresting!

Venere loves to approach her limits!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!

    Sweetdoll Latex Mask And Swimcap Breathplay - Protagonist: Sweetdoll

Sweetdoll is wearing black pvc leggings and a black PVC jacket. Stunning outfit for her!

The session is with black laex mask and red swimcap.

Sweetdoll is standing, her hands are locked behind her back with handcuffs. Mad is behind her, place the mask over her head and tighten the closing straps. The mask is opened for a few moments and then closed again several times.

The session continues by seating Sweetdoll, putting the camera close to her face. Mad tighten the mask and runs his hands over Sweetdoll latex wrapped face. Hard to resist tight latex!

The last event in this session is with red swimcap. The swimcap is lowered on Sweetdoll head several times and seeing her wiggle trying to break free and breathe is really interesting!
Obviously she will have to wait for Mad to decide to let her breathe...

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun.

    Kri Bag And Condom Extreme Breathplay - Protagonist: Kri

Many new experience for Kri in this session: Her first catsuit, Her first time with glass dildo in ass and Her first condom breathplay.

The session start with Kri doing a little walk to show you her curves in this stunning Pvc Shiny Thin Catsuit!

First event: Kri is bed ziptied and can't escape. A swimming nose clip prevents her from breathing from the nose. A clear plastic bag is sealed on her head by a leather string. Her requests for air will not be quickly answered.

Second event: Kri is bed ziptied. A transparent plastic bag on her head is sealed on neck by a ziptie and a glass dildo is inserd in her ass. Not easy for the first time!

Last event: Kri is chair ziptied. A condom is plaed on her head several times. Admire her body tight into the catsuit as he tries to breathe and free herself. Fresh air can wait...

Shoot in FULL HD Video.

Good Fun!

    Numa Swimcap Heavy Breathplay - Protagonist: NUMA

Numa is wearing shiny black PVC leggings and top! Fabulous!

This time we play with Numa's breathe with many swimcaps of different colour! First play is with Numa hogtied and red swimcap... Then a black latex swimcap... Firt two games are with only one swimcap stretched tight over head... breathtaking. Other games are with two swimcap: one on the head and one over face of an uncomfortably tied Numa.

The moaning of Numa trying to get air are fantastic together with the creaking sounds of tight pvc leggings!

For the last minutes we play with Numa's breathe using a ziptie tight on her neck!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!

    Surgical Latex Glove - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

She is sitting on the bed, naked, her neck is tightened by a collar of transparent pvc, hands are tied behind her back. 

This time we play with a latex glove! 

In this video I enjoy, after hearing her complain because it is completely without air, first to raise one side of the glove, then cut the glove thumb to give air and last to brake the glove with a knife... 

I love to hear J panicking without air!

Good Fun!

(High Definition Video 1920x1080)
A lot of new details for your pleasure!

    Bettie Blue Hogtied Extreme Latex Breathplay - Protagonist: BETTIE BLUE

Bettie is wearing a breathtaking shiny red latex dress! Fantastic outfit!!!

She start ziptied to a chair then we untie her from the chai and hogtie her on the bed!

Handcuffs tied with nylon band to ankles! Fantastic...

In this video you can see 6 time the fantastic blue semitransparent latex sheet placed over Bettie Blue's head! This video is breathtaking! First i place the latex sheet over Bettie Blue's head wile she hogtied and the sheet is pulled hard from behind. 

Then i turn Bettie Blue on the back leaving her hogtied and i put the sheet on her face... On every try the sheet will be pressed always stronger and always for longer time over her angel face... 

The demands for air and the reactions of Bettie Blue to my hesitation are fantastic!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!

    Liltha Extreme Breathplay With Taped Hands - Protagonist: LILTHA

With Liltha we are working to rise the bar of breathplay!

This time she is wearing a shiny silver pvc top and a pair of black shiny pvc leggings.

In this session we use transparent plastic bag at the highest level...

First two baggings are with Lilta kneeling with hands handcuffed behind her back and bag keep closed on the nec with hands.

Another bagging is with Liltha tied to a column and the plastic bag closed with lime nylon collar.

And now THE BEST!

As requested from some supporter i taped Liltha's hand with scotch tape and then bagged her. Two bagging with this system that keep Liltha to the limit! Her face is turning really red and her desperate attempts to keep free from bag are a work of art!

Shoot in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!

    Liltha Extreme Condom Breathplay - Protagonist: LILTHA

In this session Liltha is wearing a fantastic shiny PVC swimsuit. Ths swimsuit is like a second skind so you can see every single reaction of her body without air! Superb!
The game we use are: transparent plastic bag and a condom!

First we play plastic bag; two bagging!
Firt one she is sitting with her hands andcuffed behind her back. The bag is sealed with a ziptie! Fantastic!
Second bagging is with hands handcuffed behind her back and tied to the bar of a coat hanger in a very unconfortable position! During this bagging she ask for air but instead of opening the lace that seals the bag this is tightened and Liltha will have to wait before recive fresh air!

Last game? Condom withou air inside... 
I just tell you that Liltha is ziptied to a chair! No way to escape! The session with the condom lasts 9.00 minutes without any cut... Breathtaking!!!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!

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