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    Kinky Clothes
    Numa Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 3
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    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 3

    Clip Description

    Protagonist: NUMA

    This is the third video of a series we shoot with Numa in a dungeon! Very Very intresting!
    She is wearing a shiny black PVC leggings and a shiny silver PVC bra. Great outfit!

    In this session Numa is lying down with his back leaning on a piece dungeon furniture and the free legs upwards! It is very interesting to see her kicking to get free!
    Her hands are tied in a very uncomfortable position to the base of the forniture.

    The game? blue latex sheet + a little latex sheet strangle and a little hand strangle!

    This video contains some experiment with strangulation, the first time for Numa!

    First game is the latex sheet stretched tight over Numa's head for several times! It's a very intresting game: you can see the latex sheet go into Numa's mouth when she suck to get air...
    Second game is with the latex sheet usef for stragle Numa... I think she like this game.
    Last game is strangle with hand...Maybe we see some strangling video with Numa in the future!

    Shoot in FULL HD Video

    Good Fun!

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4686.04 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 3

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 3

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 3

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 3

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 3

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Numa Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 3

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    Kukis Yellow Bag And Swimcap Breathplay - Protagonist: KUKIS

Kukis really hate swimcaps!! Hahahhhahahahah....

In this session she is wearing a PVC outfit: shiny PVC top and shiny PVC leggings! A good outift for breathplay!
To make it all more intresting Kukis is tight saranwrapped! She can not escape what's going to happen!

The game: fist with yellow ultra thin swimcaps and then yellow semitransparent plastic bag!

Kukis will be on the bed for all the time! The first game is with only 1 swimcap, you can see her body reactions without air... Swimcap aised for some breath and then sealed again!
The second game is with two swimcap and shooted closer! the third game is with two smicap close-up shooted, swimcap placed nd removed two times.
The last two games are with a ellow semitransparent plastic bag! First bagging using a ziptie to seal bag second game using a leather rope to seal bag!

Intresting video!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!

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