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Kinky Clothes
Larissa First Strangulation Experience
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BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Larissa First Strangulation Experience

Clip Description

Protagonist: Larissa

After the breathplay with plastic bag Larissa decide to try strangulation... Ok!

She is wearing a black shiny latex dress! Fantastic outfit. A small open the vid to show you her latex body.

The session start: her hands are zip tied behind her back, ankles zip tied, a nylon string ties everything together. No cut in this vid...

First event is with a nylon strap sealed tight on her neck after a small time she ask to tight more. Her breaths start to get interesting.

Second event is with a leather string. 2 times. Once tightly tightened on her neck and held in traction her moans will be very interesting.

Last event it's a classic. Hand tight around the neck. In this event laments and breaths complete the work.

You will appreciate the colors of her face and the expressions throughout the session!

Shoot in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!

Clip Duration:      9 minutes
Format Size
mp471.16 MB

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Additional Thumbnails

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Larissa First Strangulation Experience

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Larissa First Strangulation Experience

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Larissa First Strangulation Experience

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Larissa First Strangulation Experience

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Larissa First Strangulation Experience

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Larissa First Strangulation Experience

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AspirinaC Latex Hood And Strangle Breathplay - Potagonist: AspirinaC

AspirinaC is wearing a shiny transparent PVC bra and a second skin shiny latex leggings!
In this session we play with a transparent latex hood with a very small hole closed wit finger and strangling with a leather string!

The first game is with the latex hood! AspirinaC' hands are handcuffed behind her back an a transparent latex hood is placed over her head! Fantastic game becuse the hood is in place for all the time! Sometimes the hole is closed then she can keep fresh air only from the 2mm hole! Wow!

Then the hood is still on her head we start THE FIRST STRANGLING game with her!

Strangle with hood on... Strangle without hood... Then i place the came close to her fae and start strangling with the leather string!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!

Venere Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 2 - Protagonist: Venere

Venere is in a Dungeon, very intresting situation! She is wearing a shiny black long dress.
The upper part of the dress is lowered to show her breast. She is standing and her wrists are tied with ziptie to the chains fixed on iron poles. There is no way to untie herself.
In this session the games are: saranwrap and ziptie strangling!

First event: saran wrap over Venere torso and then over head... really fun to see her wiggling in search of air!
Second event: other saran wrap over saranwrapped head but this time close-up shooting.
Third event: hand over mouth of Venere saranwrapped head.
Last event: Very tight ziptie sealed over Venere neck. Her saranwrapped head is becoming really red and her gasping for strangling are so intresting!

Venere loves to approach her limits!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!

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