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    Kinky Clothes
    Daphne Swimcap And Latex Hood Extreme Breathplay
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    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Daphne Swimcap And Latex Hood Extreme Breathplay

    Clip Description

    Protagonist: Daphne

    This session was really heavy for Daphne! She is wearing red semitransparent latex camisole and white shiny PVC leggings. She is fantastic in this outfit.

    In this session we use white swimcap and transparent latex hood.
    Daphne is sitting on a yellow vinyl sofa. Her hands cuffed behind her back. The arms are carried behind the back of the sofa. Impossible to move!

    First event: white swimcap is placed over daphne's head. When she is without air and, according to MadForPlastic, has waited long enough the swimming cap is raised with a finger and immediately repositioned. Obviously the swimcap is suddenly closed, without warning; a couple of times after Daphne has exhaled, preventing her from inhaling. This game continues uninterrupted 5 times!

    Second event: the transparent latex hood is threaded onto Daphne's head and sealed with the zip on the back. Even in this case, only a few brief breaths will be allowed before replacing the hood.

    Daphne will try to break free, kick, and remove the cap from her face with her tongue. The time she will have to wait to breathe again increases from time to time. Great session!!!

    Shoot in FULL HD Video.
    Good Fun!

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4133.93 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Daphne Swimcap And Latex Hood Extreme Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Daphne Swimcap And Latex Hood Extreme Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Daphne Swimcap And Latex Hood Extreme Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Daphne Swimcap And Latex Hood Extreme Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Daphne Swimcap And Latex Hood Extreme Breathplay

    BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Daphne Swimcap And Latex Hood Extreme Breathplay

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    Kri Swimcap Breathplay Chairtied - Protagonist: Kri

In this session Kri is wearing a shiny and tight purple latex dress. Her body squeezed in latex is fanastic.
A small latex show just for you, kri sits down, her wrists ziptied tight to the chair and here we go!
The game is with swimcap! 
First game is with blue swimcap shooted in closeups. Swimcap over all head, when she is breathless some waiting... a breath and the swimcap down again.
The second game is ever with the blue swimcap but shoot full frame (2 times swimcapped)
The last game is with super thin yellow swimcap! You can see Kri face while trying to breathe through the swimcap! (2 times swimcapped)
At every test Kri will have to wait more and more to breathe again! Her reactions to the lack of air are to be seen absolutely!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.

Good Fun!

    Scared Numa Swimcap Breathplay - Protagonist: NUMA

This is Numa first time in breathplay with swimcap, our target? See the swimcap sucked in Numa's mouth. This target made Numa so scared in this performance! You can see the swimcap lowered 12 times on Numa's face! Every single attempt is closer to Numa limit.

She is wearing shiny PVC silver leggings and shiny PVC black top! Great outfit! We use a yellow thin rubber swimcap.

First chapter: Numa is kneeling with hands saranwrapped on her body. In this chapter you see 4 swimcap play!

Second chapter: Numa is sit down on the sofa and her hands ar ziptied on her ankles. 2 fantastic swimcap in this chapter

Third chapter: DUBLE SWIMCAP! One swimcap over the other! So hot!

Last chapter: Numa is lying on the sofa with hands handcuffed behind her back. 5 swimcap extreme game in this chapter!

Shoot in HD FULL Video.
Good Fun!

    White Swimcap Countdown - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

The Only-J is naked, sitting cross-legged on a leather couch, her hands are zip tied. I wrap her head in a white swimcap and imposed a countodwn on my ipad.

Before the countdown ends she lift the swimcap! I do not commit the same mistake twice!I bind her wrists to her ankles so she will not get free!

This time must resist the 2:15 minutes of the countdown before having air!

After the countdown some close-up of TheOnly-J in swimcap without air!

Shoot in FULL HD Video!
Good Fun!

    Numa Red And Black Breathplay - Potagonist: Numa

Numa is wearing red shiny pvc leggings and black pvc hoodie. Great outfit for playing! The session start with Numa who walk around the room to show you her PVC curves.

In this session we play with: nylon fixing straps, red swimcap, transparent plastic bag.

First event: Numa is standing. Four fixing straps are used to immobilize her to the bookcase. Red swimming cap is used over her head for several time. Great game!

Second event: Numa crawl from library to a suitcase holder. She lies on the suitcase holder and her wrists are ziptied .A transparent plastic bag is placed over her head and sealed with stockings. During the game a hole is placed on bag and sealed with hand.

Numa will try to break free but the only thing she can do is wait to receive air ...

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Margot First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: MARGOT

Margot is at her first Breathplay experience. Breathplay has always intrigued her ... During the session you will often see her smile ... 
Her breathtaking body is wrapped in a red latex dress fitted like a second skin. Perfect!

For her first time she decided to try swimming caps.

She is chairtied using ziptie. At the end of the video you will see a funny little accident with the chair.
The session is divided into two parts: the first half-length shot with a silver cap, the second in close-up with a white cap.
During both events Margot's resistance will be severely tested. You will see increasing hesitation before letting her breathe fresh air or the cap raised for a single breath and then lowered again.
Margot's verses without air and her wiggling on the chair are definitely interesting! Very good as a first session. Not to be missed.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

    Daphne First Breathplay Experience - Protagonist: Daphne

This is Daphne first breathplay experience! We love girls's first time!
She is wearing a shiny black pvc catsuit! The session start, as always, with a walk to show you her beautiful body tight in the catsuit... Lovely!

In this session we use plastic bags!

First event: Lying, her hands tied to the head of the bed with ziptie, a transparent bag on her head sealed with a leather lace

Second event: Sitting on the bed, her hands ziptied to the bed, a transparent bag on her head sealed with adhesive tape.

Last event: Lying with hands handcuffed behind her back. Yellow semitransparent placed on her head several times closed in several ways...

If we consider that it is her first time it is impressive how long Daphne resists sealed in plastic and how much she struggle for air without getting it!
Spectacular session! It will be interesting to look for the limit of this beautiful girl also in the next videos.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

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