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Kinky Clothes
Black Tape Head Mummification
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BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Black Tape Head Mummification

Clip Description

Protagonist: THEONLY-J

TheOnly-J is wearing a red shiny PVC catsuit.

As an option we have a glass anal plug and a vagina vibrating egg with wireless remote control!

Her hands are tied on the armrests of the chair using cabletie, her head wrapped in saranwrap.

The highlight of the video is black electrician's tape! It will be used to run a mummification of the TheOnly-J head of course without leaving any opening for air!

Will be fun to see her try to breathe, get some air with the removal of the portion of the tape that covers the nose and then close all again!

Shoot in FULL HD Video!
Good Fun !

Clip Duration:      16 minutes
Format Size
mp4987.65 MB

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Additional Thumbnails

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Black Tape Head Mummification

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Black Tape Head Mummification

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Black Tape Head Mummification

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Black Tape Head Mummification

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Black Tape Head Mummification

BREATHLESS INDUSTRIES - Black Tape Head Mummification

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Numa Dungeon Heavy Breathplay 2 - Protagonist: NUMA

This is the second video of a series we shoot with Numa in a dungeon! Very Very intresting!

She is wearing shiny black PVC leggings and shiny silver bra! Good outfit!

The best thing about these shotings is represented by Numa's reactions and moan! When she starts to end air looks for ways to get rid and breathe! It was not that simple!

This time we play with swimcap! We use 3 different swimcap! The first is dark grey thin swimcap and the other two are silver and white ones.
Numa is swimcapped several times in this session! She is ziptied in a very uncofortable position to the duongeon furniture! Nice game! 
The first thin swim cap will be broken by Numa sucking! FANTASTIC! The next two cap are stronger and in heavy rubber! 
Will she break another?

Great struggling for air!!

Shoot in FULL HD Video

Good Fun!


Protagonist: TheOnly-J

TheOnly-J is sitting cross-legged, wearing a shiny PVC catsuit. Her hands are handcuffed and the handcuffs are tied to the ankles, a clear plastic bag sealed over her head using a leather strips! 

The Vid is divided in two session:
First one: countdown from 6.00 minutes set on the iPad but J can not do it... After a while of panic i free her...
Second one: countdown from 3.00 minutes set on the iPad. At the end of countdown "J" goes on... I remove the bag after another 2.40 minutes for a total of 5.40 minutes !!!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.

Good Fun!

TheOnlyJ Extreme Breathplay in Latex Mask - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

This video is shooted with TheOnly-J !

She is wearing a shiny PVC leotard and a transparent latex hood! What a fantastic outfit.
In this video we play with a very hard latex mask! The mask is made of black latex applied on a rubber oval of the size of the face fixed on the head with a system of belts ... Really extreme!
TheOnly-J is lying in the whirlpool, her hands are tied with ziptie to the handle of the tub...

The game is so simple:
2 times hooded in full frame shot
2 times hooded in half-body framing
2 times hooded in close-up shot

TheOnly-J is superb! At each test the time that will have to wait before being able to breathe again increases with her anxiety!

Shoot in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!

Orange Swimcap And Hemostatic Tourniquet Play - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

In this video TheOnly-J is standing in a shower.

She's wearing a pair of PVC black leggings and a PVC smoke jacket.

We use an Orane Silicone Swimcap on her head and, on the end, a hemostatic tourinquet on her neck!!!

Very hard game with handcuffed behind hands!

Shoot in FULL HD Video!
Good Fun!

Alison Transparent Plastic Bagging - Protagonist: ALISON

Alison is wearing her shiny black catsuit, she is on the bed, hogtied with handcuffs and nylon string.

For play with her we use a transparent plastic bag closed before with hands and than closed with stokings.

3 times bagged in this video! Very very intresting...

Shoot in FULL HD Video!
Good Fun!

Glass Anal Plug Close Hood Mouth Hole - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

The game it's really fun: I cut a small hole at the height of the mouth in a latex hood without any other hole...

Now we need something to close the hole! I think a Glass Anal Plug will be the perfect way to close hole and keep air outside of the hood!

I do this to TheOnly-J when she is naked and handcuffed behind her back in bed!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

Alison First Plastic Bag Play - Protagonist: Alison

This is her first plastic bag breath play session! She is wearing a black latex mini dress, handcuffed hands behind her back, kneeling and hancuffs tied to ankles.

For the game? Black plastic bag!

Shoot in FULL HD Video
Good Fun!

White Balloon Hood 2  Very Tight Situation - Protagonist: THEONLY-J


TheOnly-J is naked and her wrists are tied to the railing of the stairs. 

To cut off her air I use a latex balloon as hood! Just worn is very fitting to her face but with every breath swells and whenever TheOnly-J inspires the balloon adheres to her face again! 

As this happens I use a vibrator on her clit and be happy to ignore her requests to have air. 

Good Fun!

(High Definition Video 1920x1080)
A lot of new details for your pleasure!

Latex Hood No Holes 2  Try To Breathe - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

TheOnly-J is on the bed, wearing only her red latex gloves. Her hands are tied behind her back. For this video we chose the latex hood without any holes! Sublime! 

The expressions on the face of TheOnly-J while trying to breathe in the hood are very interesting! Of course, to make things more interesting, I play with her clit during the game!

Good Fun!

(High Definition Video 1920x1080)
A lot of new details for your pleasure!


Prtagonist: TheOnly-J

This is THE FIRST VID we shot! We love this video!

TheOnly-J is in an hotel bathroom, she is sitting and her hands are tied behind her back.

We use a silicone swimcap very very thin. The effect of the thin silicone is great when she inhale... Look her try to breathe under the thin swimcap!

Shooted in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

Liltha Lapdance Pole Saranwrap Breathplay - Protagonist: LILTHA

Liltha is in a fantastic hotel room with a lapdance pole inside!

She is wearing only her latex underwear...

The best game to do? Breathplay with saran wrap!!! Liltha is saranwrapped head to toe to the pole. Impossible to move!

First game is with a transparent plastic bag over her upper body and some layer to keep it sealed.
Second game really fun! A couple of layer of saranwrap... The air finish... Some struggling, a little hole in the wrap then another layer!

Occasionally i forgot to let Liltha take air enough befor putting a new layer of saranwrap!

Shoot in FULL HD Video.
Good Fun!

Alison Bags And Cabletie Play - Protagonist: ALISON

She is wearing only a pair of shiny PVC Leggings.
Hands and legs are ziptied to a radiator. No way to escape!!

I play with her using 3 different bags:
- Transparent one
- Blue one
- Purple semitransparent one

Closing the bags with hands or ziptie!
Plus a bonus track bagging at the end!

Shoot in FULL HD Video!
Good Fun!

Saranwrap Torment - Protagonist: THEONLY-J

The Only J is sitting, wearing a pvc catsuit, her hands are tied with nylon handcuffs in front of her.

To prevent her from taking off the saran wrap from face handcuffs are tied to the chair.

The game is simple: some tight layer of saran wrap and when she gasp for air enough I open a hole with the scissors.

Sometimes a very small hole. After the hole? Another layer of saran wrap will be placed over!!

It's great as it expands and get tight to the face with every breath!

To finish? On top of all the layers of saran wrap??? A pink swicap!

Good Fun!

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