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  • Mummified And
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    Kinky Clothes
    Struggle For Breath Full Movie
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    Kinky Breathplay - Struggle For Breath Full Movie

    Clip Description

    Mistress jeta, has her slave mummified and layed down on her bed. She has some truly devious plans for him. Unable to see she pulls a plastic bag down over his mummified head and makes sure its secure tight around his neck. As the minutes pass he wonders if she is going to let him breathe.
    things get harder for him now. Mistress ****** a plastic hood over his wrapped head. This is extremely cruel, the hood has an elastic neck so getting fresh air is impossible. She can feel his large cock beneath those layers. She just loves to tease him whilst his suffocates slowly much to her amusement.

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
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    Kinky Breathplay - Struggle For Breath Full Movie

    Kinky Breathplay - Struggle For Breath Full Movie

    Kinky Breathplay - Struggle For Breath Full Movie

    Kinky Breathplay - Struggle For Breath Full Movie

    Kinky Breathplay - Struggle For Breath Full Movie

    Kinky Breathplay - Struggle For Breath Full Movie

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    Plastic Mac Extreme  Full Movie - Mistress jeta has a real passion for ********** and loves binding and suffocating her willing slaves.
****** to wear to plastic macs he is then secure to the chair with plenty of plastic wrap. Now she can start her torment. She pulls the clear hood up over his face, before slipping a clear bag over the top and sealing it shut around the neck. Now she can sit back and watch as he uses all that precious air up. When he can take now more she rips open the bag. This is only the start as she then puts bag after bag over his head, each one sealed shut. You can barely see his face beneath the multiple clear plastic bags.
she has freed his cock from beneath the layers. On goes a blue plastic ********** hood. No content with that she then seals a clear bag over the top as she slowly starts to wank his cock as he slowly suffocates beneath the layers.
she just loves to see him panic and struggle. Now she wants to see him cum so she removes the hood and puts a clear bag over his head. If he wants to breathe again his has to cum. She is relentless as he struggles for air. It all proves to much as he explodes in a sticky climax.

    Plastic Sack Milking - Made to wear a red latex ************** hood. He is already struggling to breathe. Now she seals him inside the clear plastic sack. It doesn't take too long for the oxygen to get low. Still not satisfied he is struggling enough she slowly milks his cock until she gets every last drop from him. Only then will she let him breathe again.

    Mummified And  Full Movie - This is the complete movie for mummified and breathless parts 1&2

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