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    Hom Smother No Air Stomach Vacuum Breathholds
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    Breathless Ana - Hom Smother No Air Stomach Vacuum Breathholds

    Clip Description

    In this clip I agree to let a large man put his hand on my mouth and nose to control my breathing. When I touch his arm he has to let go. But I want to perform! Watch and listen as I writhe and moan softly while resisting the urge to signal him to let go. My body goes into contractions as my lungs are screaming for air. I love the feeling of not giving in to my body when it wants air. I go out pretty quickly because I had _just_ finished a long set of breathholds and hadn't been given time to catch up on my breathing. Oh well. I'm determined not to touch his arm! See if I can make it. I don't last very long each time because he keeps clamping on my mouth and nose right after I exhale! So every breathhold in this video is no air/empty lungs. My stomach sucks in and my ribs push out and contract as my body tries over and over to inhale. As usual, my dom has been starving and restricting me before this video.

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
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    mp479.75 MB

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    Breathless Ana - Hom Smother No Air Stomach Vacuum Breathholds

    Breathless Ana - Hom Smother No Air Stomach Vacuum Breathholds

    Breathless Ana - Hom Smother No Air Stomach Vacuum Breathholds

    Breathless Ana - Hom Smother No Air Stomach Vacuum Breathholds

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