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Gas Mask


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    Kinky Clothes
    Handcuffed In Scuba
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    GasMask - The True Fetish - Handcuffed In Scuba

    Clip Description

    I love to play damsel in distress. Me a poor **** handcuffed and put in a scuba gear and throw in to the water! I love the sound of my cry for help in the water!

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
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    GasMask - The True Fetish - Handcuffed In Scuba

    GasMask - The True Fetish - Handcuffed In Scuba

    GasMask - The True Fetish - Handcuffed In Scuba

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so the first thing I did was get in the suit, put the full face mask on and get in the water. What a nice feeling! The air flowing, my breathing sound. I couldn't resist. So I started masturbating.

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