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    Kinky Clothes
    Recaptured And Punished Amber
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    HangWorld - Recaptured And Punished  Amber

    Clip Description

    ViseGrip likes a recreational good time with a ho as much as anyone, so he’s out trolling for one. It’s not like he’s intending to murder her or anythiing, I mean, who ever does? After a few close calls with some hags, who should he find but Amber! Yes, Amber, who escaped his clutches, and then traumatized by her experiences, lost her job at the library, turned to drugs, and then to feed her drug habits, turned to prostitution.

    She can’t quite place him at first. But everything’s going fine until a dispute develops over price. She wants sixty bucks, I mean how nuts is that? The going price has been forty ever since the days of Gary Ridgeway, and ViseGrip ain’t gonna budge! Well, that all ends with a gun being whipped out, Amber stuffed in the back, and being taken back to the trailer park lair.

    Then, it’s time to punish her like only ViseGrip can. Welcome home, Amber! And be sure to catch the outtake at the end where she remarks on how much lasers really hurt.

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
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    wmv439.32 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    HangWorld - Recaptured And Punished  Amber

    HangWorld - Recaptured And Punished  Amber

    HangWorld - Recaptured And Punished  Amber

    HangWorld - Recaptured And Punished  Amber

    HangWorld - Recaptured And Punished  Amber

    HangWorld - Recaptured And Punished  Amber

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