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    Psycho Chick Hangs
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    HangWorld - Psycho Chick Hangs

    Clip Description

    This creepy little stalker wants to be Vise-Grip's competition. But she's up against the best.

    Caught and trapped in the noose, she challenges Vise-Grip's body count with her own. She dares him to make her admit her fear, and Vise-Grip takes the challenge. It's an intense psychological face off... but the rope makes a handy tiebreaker.

    Pulled aloft, her sweet face and squirmy little body put on a show like nothing ever seen. Strong and flexible, her legs swing high and wide. Of course Vise-Grip has to spend a moment or two groping her as she fights, and lift her for one last chance to plead for her life, and then it's back to swinging by the rope for the final time.

    The angle on the bottom view especially was perfect. Take it from someone who's seen them all. This is currently, bar nothing, the hottest hanging video on the planet!

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv434.67 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    HangWorld - Psycho Chick Hangs

    HangWorld - Psycho Chick Hangs

    HangWorld - Psycho Chick Hangs

    HangWorld - Psycho Chick Hangs

    HangWorld - Psycho Chick Hangs

    HangWorld - Psycho Chick Hangs

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    Customers who bought this Video also purchased:

    Burning And Choking  Selena Skyy - Selena Skyy starts off with her too-fine butt being lasered, and her having to squirm it back and forth constantly to keep from getting burned.  But with the collar pulling her neck every time she does, not to mention her hands chained right up to that collar, she makes a lot of squeaky choking sounds as she does so.

After three good views of that, she’s flipped over and given the same treatment face up, with her tits lasered while her legs are pulled far and wide.  Over thirteen minutes of squirming and gasping action!

    Really Rough Nooseplay  Catie - This video got a little more strangulative than intended.  First Catie was forced up onto the bucket for some tiptoe hanging action, wearing the padded collar and her hands cuffed to the collar behind her.  Then came time for the rough nooseplay action.  She was lifted by one hand, right by her booty.  The bucket was pushed aside and all that held her up was my one hand, and the collar.  I figured having her hands connected to the collar would allow her to keep the pressure off her neck, but that didn't work out so well.  With no way to balance herself the pressure on her neck was too much and she started gasping for air and panicking.  After I caught on I gave her a break and we finished the video off with her dangling and going limp in my hands.  But oh that look of panic, and that gasping sound... As God is my witness I thought she was acti

    Teen Hanged For Racism - If there\\\\\\\'s one thing that Visegrip has no tolerance for, it\\\\\\\'s intolerance. That\\\\\\\'s why when this 18 year old ebony beauty went off on him for trying to participate in hood culture, she sealed her own fate. And in Visegrip\\\\\\\'s backyard, there is only one fate to face...

Visegrip drags her into the noose, and confronts her with her crimes as he strips her and oils her up. She has a little bit of a hard time with being called the racist while getting strung up by a white guy, but it all makes perfect sense... to Visegrip anyhow... 

When she\\\\\\\'s pulled aloft, her shiny, oiled black skin add a whole new dimension to his executions. She kicks like she means it, for a good long time, and both her shoes come flying off. Shown from four different views, the hanging action lasts a good fourteen minutes, ending with her hanging there good and limp. Then she\\\\\\\'s lowered and laid out on the picnic table naked for a nice viewing.

Features full suspension and full nakedness as always, with excellent death stares and nice body pans.  Starring Seattle newcomer to the scene Daisy, this video has been the number one request I\\\\\\\'ve been getting. So go ahead and buy. Wanting to see a hot ebony babe strung up naked doesn\\\\\\\'t make you racist. :)

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