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    Kinky Clothes
    Heinous Laser Torture Amber
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    HangWorld - Heinous Laser Torture  Amber

    Clip Description

    Amber is tied spread eagle to a weight rack. A collar tied above lifts on her neck. And she's being tortured in ways that only the supremely twisted Vise-Grip could envision - with powerful, burning lasers! Shining brightly on her breasts and every other part of her, the burning sensation makes her yelp and thrash to escape the pain, to the utter delight of her tormentor.

    Clip Duration:      7 minutes
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    wmv324.43 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    HangWorld - Heinous Laser Torture  Amber

    HangWorld - Heinous Laser Torture  Amber

    HangWorld - Heinous Laser Torture  Amber

    HangWorld - Heinous Laser Torture  Amber

    HangWorld - Heinous Laser Torture  Amber

    HangWorld - Heinous Laser Torture  Amber

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    Burning And Choking  Selena Skyy - Selena Skyy starts off with her too-fine butt being lasered, and her having to squirm it back and forth constantly to keep from getting burned.  But with the collar pulling her neck every time she does, not to mention her hands chained right up to that collar, she makes a lot of squeaky choking sounds as she does so.

After three good views of that, she’s flipped over and given the same treatment face up, with her tits lasered while her legs are pulled far and wide.  Over thirteen minutes of squirming and gasping action!

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