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    Kinky Clothes
    GoPro Hanging Alisha
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    HangWorld - GoPro Hanging  Alisha

    Clip Description

    This POV camera is the best money I ever spent. With this you can see the murder action right up close and personal, and with a hanging movie that can be all kinds of fun!

    This video starts in the workshed with Alisha noosed up. First the rope is slowly cranked higher and higher until she's forced to step up on the bucket. Then she's stripped and oiled down really good, with lots of attention given to her nips. Watch her squirm as fingertips dig into her nips right up close! Then she pleads with the killer to stop, and Visegrip takes that as his cue to kick the bucket from under her.

    From there, the first three minutes is devoted to the first-person view, as the killer watches her kick and swing. He moves in to grope and play with her as she dies, especially her tits. He grabs her ankles, pulls her to the side and lets her swing. And he lifts her for a short breather before letting her die. When she dies, he gives his deceased hanging plaything a lot more hands-on attention. Then all the same action is shown from two different views. Overall there's 14 minutes of watching her dangle in the noose!

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv546.89 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    HangWorld - GoPro Hanging  Alisha

    HangWorld - GoPro Hanging  Alisha

    HangWorld - GoPro Hanging  Alisha

    HangWorld - GoPro Hanging  Alisha

    HangWorld - GoPro Hanging  Alisha

    HangWorld - GoPro Hanging  Alisha

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