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    Kinky Clothes
    Dont Text And Hang Tallen Rein
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    HangWorld - Dont Text And Hang  Tallen Rein

    Clip Description

    Visegrip's murdering days are over. He's been busted and now he's on probation, but he still has to make a living... So he's hired the tight-bodied little Tallen Rein to help him make a hanging movie, of course without killing her. He's going to let her hang for thirty seconds at a time until he's got enough footage for a video, while making extra sure not to get distracted.

    But in the middle of the shoot, who should start texting him but Jigsaw! The same motherfucker who years before, stole his idea and went Hollywood with it while Visegrip got stuck with a podunk little website that makes him five hundred bucks in a really good month, and now he's choosing this moment to drop taunts on him. Well this shit is not going to go unanswered.... even if the timing is really bad for poor Tallen!

    This movie contains a lot of great slow-motion 120fps GoPro footage that was too good to trim, so you're getting a lot of hang time for the money, and with a really pert model. You'll also see her carried to the picnic table and carefully laid out, before Visegrip has to call his probation officer to try to explain this... Goddamn that Jigsaw anyhow!

    Clip Duration:      36 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv851.75 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    HangWorld - Dont Text And Hang  Tallen Rein

    HangWorld - Dont Text And Hang  Tallen Rein

    HangWorld - Dont Text And Hang  Tallen Rein

    HangWorld - Dont Text And Hang  Tallen Rein

    HangWorld - Dont Text And Hang  Tallen Rein

    HangWorld - Dont Text And Hang  Tallen Rein

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