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    Kinky Clothes
    Cougar Hanged By Slave Dea
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    HangWorld - Cougar Hanged By Slave  Dea

    Clip Description

    Dea, the cougar mistress, has been persuaded by her younger slave to step up onto a stool and into a noose. He just wants to show her how to properly dominate him, he says! Well, anytime somebody wants you to step into a noose for your own good, you should start hearing alarm bells. His demeanor soon changes to one of dissatisfaction with their relationship. He whips her, strips her, oils her, and then kicks the stool from under her!

    Loads of wild kicking from this one, and a beautiful swinging death. This older lady had some spunk left!

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv417.11 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    HangWorld - Cougar Hanged By Slave  Dea

    HangWorld - Cougar Hanged By Slave  Dea

    HangWorld - Cougar Hanged By Slave  Dea

    HangWorld - Cougar Hanged By Slave  Dea

    HangWorld - Cougar Hanged By Slave  Dea

    HangWorld - Cougar Hanged By Slave  Dea

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    Teen Hanged For Racism - If there\\\\\\\'s one thing that Visegrip has no tolerance for, it\\\\\\\'s intolerance. That\\\\\\\'s why when this 18 year old ebony beauty went off on him for trying to participate in hood culture, she sealed her own fate. And in Visegrip\\\\\\\'s backyard, there is only one fate to face...

Visegrip drags her into the noose, and confronts her with her crimes as he strips her and oils her up. She has a little bit of a hard time with being called the racist while getting strung up by a white guy, but it all makes perfect sense... to Visegrip anyhow... 

When she\\\\\\\'s pulled aloft, her shiny, oiled black skin add a whole new dimension to his executions. She kicks like she means it, for a good long time, and both her shoes come flying off. Shown from four different views, the hanging action lasts a good fourteen minutes, ending with her hanging there good and limp. Then she\\\\\\\'s lowered and laid out on the picnic table naked for a nice viewing.

Features full suspension and full nakedness as always, with excellent death stares and nice body pans.  Starring Seattle newcomer to the scene Daisy, this video has been the number one request I\\\\\\\'ve been getting. So go ahead and buy. Wanting to see a hot ebony babe strung up naked doesn\\\\\\\'t make you racist. :)

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